For Your Eyes Only

Publisher: Daily Express
Released: 11th September 1961 to
9th December 1961
Serial: #988 to #1065
Artist: John McLusky
Writer: Ian Fleming, Henry Gammidge

Data Stream
Villains: Von Hammerstein, 'Major' Gonzales
Bond Girls: Judy Havelock
Allies: Colonel 'Johns', M, (Colonel Havelock)
Locations: Content, Jamaica; London, England; North Vermont, USA; Montreal, Canada; Ottawa, Canada; Echo Lake, Canadian/US border

Above: James Bond wrestles with his conscious but ultimately decides to carry out the favour for M.

Capsule Synopsis
James Bond does a favour for M by arranging to kill Nazi war criminal von Hammerstein, who killed M’s friends the Havelock's in order to get their property in Jamaica. In a strictly secret mission, Bond goes to the Canadian border to carry out the assassination, but he is beaten to it by Judy Havelock, the dead couple’s daughter. Bond shoots Gonzales and von Hammerstein’s henchmen, and the pair escape.

Above: The opening panel of "For Your Eyes Only"

Above: Von Hammerstein's fate is decided not by Bond, but by Judy Havelock.

Source To Strip
For Your Eyes Only, the titular adventure of Ian Fleming's collection, was the third and final (for the time being) short story adaptation by McLusky and Gammidge (Yaroslav Horak and Jim Lawrence later adapted "The Hildebrand Rarity", but "Quantum of Solace" was ignored).

McLusky continues his style used for "Risico" and "From A View To A Kill" but adds more interesting perspectives to the long dialogue scenes in this story. McLusky also introduces maps in occasional cells, to convey Bond's travel to the reader. The level of violence used in this story is quite graphically depicted by McLusky, and was perhaps one of the bloodiest strip adventures to date.

Gammidge utilises a lot of Fleming's prose in this adventure, which due to the short story format, makes it across into the strip without the need for large cuts to Fleming's work. "For Your Eyes Only" was to be the last complete adventure created by McLusky and Gammidge in the first series of Daily Express strips, with the ill-fated "Thunderball" next...

Best Line
Colonel 'Johns': "Our Commissioner's motto: `never send a man where you can send a bullet`. You might remember that. So long, Commander Bond."

Judy Havelock is replace by Melina in the 1981 film of the same name, but the character and revenge plot remain quite close to Fleming's source material.

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