The Man With The Golden Gun

Publisher: Titan Books
Released: 20th February 2004
Pages: 80
Dimensions: 0.33 x 11.58 x 8.60"
Artist: Yaroslav Horak
Writers: Ian Fleming
Jim Lawrence

Included Stories
The Man With The Golden Gun
The Living Daylights

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Above: Front cover

Official Blurb
Brainwashed, Bond becomes a lethal weapon aimed at his boss, M, who has problems of his own: a killer whose artistry is matched only by his sadism, using pistols of gold to assassinate British agents. When Bond's mission to kill M fails, he has only one shot at redemption, a suicide mission against the deadliest assassin of them all: Francisco Scaramanga - The Man With The Golden Gun.

This collection also includes The Living Daylights, which finds a melancholy Bond facing another sharpshooter - a KGB sniper. Set across the jagged scar of the Berlin Wall, Bond's finger is on the trigger... and into his sights walks a beautiful blonde musician!

Special Features

  • Introduction by Lucy Fleming, Ian Fleming's niece.
  • "Bond In Books" part one by Paul Simpson.
  • "The Men With The Golden Pens" history of the comic strip artists.
  • Syndicated newspaper comic strip checklist.
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