Licence To Kill - Blu-Ray Ultimate Edition

Release Data
USA: 12th May 2009
Disc Format: Blu-Ray (High Definition)

Screen Format: Anamorphic Widescreen - 2.35:1
Audio Features: DTS HD Master Audio, Original Theatrical Audio, Dolby Digital 5.1 - French, Spanish
Subtitles: Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean
Closed Captioned: No

Special Features
Deleted Scenes (with commentary by John Glen):
- Sharkey Arrives
- Bond and Sharkey Follow Yacht
- Bond in Hotel Room
- Cash Transaction
- Bond in Isthmus
- Bienvenidos Mis Amigos
- Bond Returns to Casino
- Bond Captured by Hong Kong Narcotics Agents
- Boat Ride

Audio Commentary:
- Director John Glen and members of the cast
- Michael G. Wilson and members of the crew

Vignettes, Documentaries and Featurettes:
- Bond ‘89
- On Set with John Glen
- On Location with Peter Lamont
- Ground Check with Corky Fornoff
- Exotic Locations Montage
- Inside Licence to Kill – A Documentary
- Production Featurette – Behind the Scenes
- Kenworth Truck Stunt Film
- “Licence to Kill” music video performed by Gladys Knight
- “If You Asked Me To” music video performed by Patti LaBelle
- Ministry of Propaganda
- Theatrical Archive: How Many Times Can One Man Leave You Breathless?
- Theatrical Archive: Purely…Business

Interactive Features:
- “007 Mission Control” Interactive Guide Into the World of Licence to Kill
- Image Database Galleries


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