From Russia With Love (2005) - Bonus Unlocks & Targets

Skill Point Unlocks
Skill points are collected throughout the single player campaign and the amount you earn depends on the techniques and style you use whilst dispatching enemies, as well as earning specific mission awards.

Media Bonus Extra Skill Points
Behind the scenes with Sean Connery 15,000
Behind the scenes with the Bond Girls 15,000
How the movie became the game 15,000
Multiplayer trailer 25,000
Hedge Maze trailer 25,000
Istanbul Part 1 trailer 25,000
Q-Lab trailer 25,000
London trailer 25,000
Factory trailer 25,000

Concept Art Bonus Extra Skill Points
London 10,000
Hedge Maze 15,000
Istanbul 15,000
Station T 20,000
Underground 25,000
Gypsy Camp 25,000
Sniper Alley 25,000
Consulate 30,000
Train 30,000
Factory 30,000
Border 30,000
Octopus Base 35,000

Secret Mission Targets
There are four secret missions in the game, which are separate standalone side challenges to the main single player campaign. You unlock each secret mission in turn by earning enough awards (listed above).

Secret Mission Number Of Unlocks
Tunnels Unlock 10 Extras
Ruins Unlock 20 Extras
Plaza Unlock 30 Extras
Airport Unlock 40 Extras