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James Bond The Duel (1993)

Above: Sega Megadrive / Genesis

James Bond 007 - A name to strike fear in anyone foolish enough to cross him. Now he's back, in a brand new adventure especially for Sega. Four frantic levels of fast and furious action await you! What are you waiting for?

Game Data
Released: August 14th 1993
Published By: Domark
Developed By: The Kremlin
Retail Price: $38.96

Sega Megadrive / Genesis (16-bit)
Sega Master System (8-bit)
Sega Game Geamr (8-bit)

Programming: The Kremlin
Music: Matt Furniss

Official Blurb
Bond is back. In his biggest challenge yet he must face all of his old adversaries, in a race to save the world.

Mad Professor Gravemar has attacked a top secret international satellite launch centre on a remote island in the Caribbean. Having taken control of the scientists he has set to work building satellites which he plans to launch into space on a shuttle, in order to take over the world. To foil Bond's attempt to stop him, the desperately mad Gravemar has built a cloning machine which he's used to reproduce all of Bond's old enemies.

Hostages are being held on the island as a human shield, and the Professor has numerous guards with instructions to shoot to kill. Never before has Bond had to face such deadly opposition.

Above: Reverse box art for the Sega Megadrive / Genesis version.

In this mission Bond must rescue the hostages and destroy the mad Professor's establishment, including the space shuttle launch centre, be locating and planting bombs in strategic positions. Q has managed to plant special weapons (Q Cases) in various locations on the island, but Bond will need all his skills to succeed this time...

"James Bond 007: The Duel" was released on 14th August 1993 by a company named Domark - named after it's founders whose names were Dominic and Mark. The company no longer exists after it was bought out along with United States Gold & Core design and became part of the Eidos video game company which still exists today.

Above: Sega Megadrive / Genesis introduction screenshots.


  • The Mega Drive version was also released in Japan by Tengen on 14 May 1993, under the title known as 007 Shitō (007・死闘?).
  • This is the first James Bond game to not be directly based on a film or book.
  • The game marks the final appearance of Timothy Dalton as James Bond in an official outing.

MI6 Review
Domark published a number of James Bond 007 licensed games during the late 1980's ("A View To A Kill" (1985), "The Living Daylights" (1987), "Live And Let Die" (1988), "Licence To Kill" (1989)) and into the early 1990's with "The Spy Who Loved Me" (1990). 1993's "James Bond: The Duel" was Domark's first attempt at an original story line for a 007 game, but the last James Bond licenced game to be produced by the company, and the last 007 game for four long years until "GoldenEye 64" by Rare in 1997 shook the world.

Above: Sega Master System Box Art

The game is split into five levels (despite the back of the box claiming only four!): island docks, jungle, volcano, space shuttle, and escape. "The Duel" echoes the format of Domark's previous game, the spin-off "James Bond Jnr" platform romp released in 1992, with more of the same jumping, ducking and shooting action.

Although this time with "The Duel", it's the real 007 in a stylish tuxedo. This genre of platform shoot-em-up would soon become a tired format due to movie tie-in games of the era often cashing in on the lazy development choice.

Top talent behind some of Domark's earlier Bond games were back - Paul Margrave, Chris West, Tony West and Matt Furniss creating the music again.

The concept of using past villains from Bond films, resurrected thanks to the villains cloning device, would be echoed in the 2004 title "GoldenEye: Rogue Agent" by EA Games - which also brought back past favourites with a healthy dose of creative licence. As with it's modern cousin, "The Duel" fails to capitalise on the idea and the likes of Jaws and Oddjob fail to make a real impact.

It is the repetition of the objectives that spoil "The Duel". Each level is comprised of rescuing the Bond Girl hostages, finding the bomb, arming the bomb, placing the bomb and escaping the level. This is fine for the first level, but by the fourth and penultimate mission it becomes tiresome.

The game is solid though, with few noticeable glitches and no bugs that spoil gameplay - a far cry from Domark's first 007 outing "A View To A Kill".

Graphically, "The Duel" makes good use of the Megadrive / Genesis palette and char maps, with nice bright and bold scenery. This game is in no terms meant to be realistic, and shades of "James Bond Jnr" cartoon seep through with the comic strip style adopted by the artists. Needless to say, the game is far more impressive on the 16-bit Megadrive / Genesis platform compared to it's 8-bit Master System predecessor.

Gameplay is relatively straight forward, and due to the repetitive objectives, not that inspiring either. Many enemies can be dispatched simply by running, ducking and shooting. This is a far cry from the excellent "Licence To Kill" produced by the same team only four years earlier.

As usual for a Domark game, Matt Furniss makes listening to the game a pleasurable experience, especially considering the limitations of the technology, with faithful renditions of familiar cues.

On the whole, the game works quite well within the limitations of the platform shoot-em-up genre the developers ring fenced their creativity within. The game is quite polished, although lack of depth and replay value detract from the positives including the bold graphics and slick presentation.

Viewed within the era that "James Bond 007: The Duel" was released, Domark ended their run of 007 games on a slightly flat note, although it is difficult to apportion much blame for the platform genre on the developers, as it was the de facto style for movie tie-in games of that era.

Above: Sega Megadrive / Genesis introduction screenshots.


Level 1
The action beings as Bond jetpacks onto the supply ship unloading at the islands docks. You have to find and rescue the hostages, eliminate the Professor's guards, locate and set the bomb to destroy the ship's flight deck and face an old enemy, Jaws, in order to escape. But be careful, there's only a limited amount of time until the bomb explodes, and if you're still on the level, you will die.

Level 2
Having neutralized the Professor's supply ship you must make your way through the jungle where the satellite receiving station is hidden. The evil voodoo doctor, Bones, will thwart your attempts to storm the station. You must, of course, free the hostages before you can set the bomb and then find the entrance to level 3, the underground power plant.

Level 3
Inside the volcano the mad Professor Gravemar has engineered a volcanic heat exchange reactor. You must negotiate the corridors, avoiding the molten lava, scale the outside of the reactor, and reach the top to set the bomb and make your way to level 4, the shuttle launch pad, beware of Yoyo on your way.

Above: Screenshots for the 8-bit Sega Master System version.

Level 4
Your objective is to destroy the space shuttle, in this most difficult level. Odd Job and the guards are not your only obstacles as you must negotiate the searing heat from the shuttle's engines. Once the hostages are rescued and the shuttle is destroyed, Bond's mission is complete... almost... now you must escape from the island.

Level 5
Jaws, you arch enemy is back and makes a last desperate attempt to kill you. Only if you manage to defeat Jaws this time will you be able to escape to safety.
Good luck James!

Above: Sega Megadrive / Genesis screenshots.

D-Button: Press LEFT or RIGHT to face Bond in different directions. Press DOWN or UP to kneel or stand up. Standby doorway and press UP to hide in doorway.
Button A: Press to jump - press A plus the directional button (D-Button) to jump in another direction.
Button B: Press to shoot - hold down for automatic shooting. Press B plus the directional button to shoot in another direction.
Button C: Press to throw grenade (if you have one).
Start Button: Press to start the game. Press to pause the game.

250 Bullet hit on enemy vehicle
250 Pick up ammo clip
2500 Kill enemy guard
5000 Kill Yoyo/Bones/Odd Job
10000 Collect Q Case
10000 Collect bomb
15000 Kill Jaws
25000 Traversing submarine
25000 Rescue hostage
25000 Place bomb
50000 Destroy enemy vehicle
50000 Blow up objective

Sega Master System - On Controller 2, hold in Up/Left, Button 1 and Button 2, and then Press Button 1 on Controller 1 to open the cheat menu.


Level 1
Bond Girls: Three
Boss: Jaws

Start off the level by going down the ladder that Bond is currently blocking. Once you are down the ladder, move across the platform, kill the guard, and rescue the Bond girl. One down, two to go. Go back to where you started the level and take the ladder up and kill the guard. At the end of the platform, there is another Bond girl. Two down, one to go. Go down the ladder directly below you and kill the guard. If there is not a guard there, wait until he appears. He will probably appear from the right. After he is killed, proceed down the stairs. Continue to move across the level until you come to a ladder that goes downward. Go down the ladder and kill the guard that patrols the place. Move across the platform and go up the ladder. Get used to down ladders, killing a guard or two, and then going up another one. It occurs throughout the entire game. When you get to a second ladder that goes downward, go down, and you will be on a boat. Before you jump onto the next boat, first kill the guard that is running around on it. Move to the third boat and climb the ladder up. Kill a guard if you see one and then climb the ladder that is directly to the right of the ladder you just climbed. Kill the guard on top. Move to the left until you come to a gap between the platforms. Kill the guard on the other side of the platform and jump across. Like the boats, move to the third platform and climb up the ladder. Move across the platform and climb yet another ladder. To the left, you will see the last Bond girl you need to rescue. However, do not rescue her yet. Kill the guard that is patrolling the area and move to the right of the screen. When you see a ladder that moves down, climb it down.

You will see the bomb, but you cannot disarm it yet. To disarm it, you need to find the last Bond girl who was mentioned just a few sentences ago in this walkthrough. Although, if you did rescue the Bond girl, then disarm the bomb, you would have a minute to kill Jaws (Which takes about 30 seconds) and the last 30 seconds to get to your exit. (This takes about 40 seconds). Move across the platform, jump onto another platform, and kill the guard. Wait until a platform that moves up and down to appear, and then jump on it. When you get to the bottom, jump off. Now, you are almost ready to face Jaws. Kill the two guards that are patrolling the area at the top of the stairs and you will encounter Jaws. From your position on the stairwell, shoot him as he comes to you, and continue to do this until he is dead. Jaws will only patrol the top of the staircase and not move downward. Jaws was kind of disappointing wasn't he? Just a simple choking attack move...no infamous bite to the neck. Now, move back to where you found the last Bond girl. Rescue the last Bond girl, go to the bomb, and arm it by simply walking over it. Go back to where you fought Jaws. Move across the platform where Jaws used to be and get on the platform that moves up and down. When you get to the bottom, kill the guard, and go into the submarine.

Level 2
Bond Girls: Seven
Boss: Baron Samedi & Tank

Start off the level by jumping across the pit and walking right until you come into the bunker complex. Climb the ladders upward until you come to the top. Kill the guard and get to Bond girl to the left of the room. Now, exit the bunker complex and go back to the pit you jumped over when you started the level. To the right of the pit, there are some branches. Climb them. Whilst climbing them, stay to the left of the screen. Eventually, you will come to a vine that extends to the left of the screen. Climb across the vine but jumping on it, and continue to the left of the screen. There will be a Bond girl. As usual, rescue her. Now, go back to the branches are and continue to climb on the left side of the screen. Eventually, you will see a ladder that goes upward. Climb up the ladder, rescue the Bond girl, and then climb back down. Move slightly to the right until you are on the right tree and climb upward. Go to the right of the screen. If you see a green ladder that goes upward, you are going in the right direction. Continue to the right of the screen and kill the guard. Now, slowly proceed to the right. When you see someone coming out of the ground, duck by pressing down on your control pad and press the fire button. Shoot like crazy as Baron Samedi tries to kill you but misses with all his saw-blades because you're ducking down. Eventually, he will explode. Continue to the right side of the screen until the ground slowly starts to go downward. When you see a green ladder extending upward, go up the ladder, and rescue yet another Bond girl. Three to go. Climb down the ladder and jump to the right side of the green. Slide down the vine extending downward.

When you get to the end of the vine, continue to the right side of the screen and use the overhead log to cross the pit. Continue to the right of the screen and you will see a building-like place. However, continue right and drop down into the pit that you will see shortly. To the left of this bunker is a Bond girl. Rescue her. Now, go to the building-like structure. Climb to the top and you will face a tank-like vehicle. From a safe position, fire upon the tank with your pistol and grenades and eventually it will retreat. However, it will come back a few times before finally retreating so be careful. When you get to the end of the platform, you will see a machine with green bubbles come out of it. Jump onto the green bubbles and you will be sent 10,000 feet into the air. Hopefully, you will land on one of the branches. If not, try again. Once you are on the top branch, descend a bit and move slightly to the right. Hopefully, you will see the Bond girl with a patrolling guard. Kill the guard and rescue her. Jump onto the machine to the right of the Bond girl and descend down. (Kneel and press the jump button). Once you've finally descended to the bottom move to the left (If you're not near the hill, move to the right), kill the guard, and rescue the girl. Now, move to the right of the screen and climb the hill. Eventually, you will come to a pit. Wait for the moving platform and move down. Do not bother climbing the hill, it leads nowhere. When you get to the bottom, go to the left to arm the bomb. You only have fifteen seconds so move fast. Quickly move to the right of the screen killing guards as you go. Once you kill about three guards and continue moving, you will beat the level.

Level 3
Bond Girls: Four
Boss: Mayday

Use the platform to get to the bottom floor. Rescue the Bond girl. Wait for the platform to come back down and ride it to the top. Go across the platform until you come to another moving platform that moves up and down. Use the platform to go down to the bottom, go to the right killing guards as you go, and at the very end of the room, is another Bond girl. Go back to the platform you saw when you started the level and cross the pit and move to the right until you come to a river of lava. A moving platform will move across the top of the screen, so when it comes, jump onto it, and it will carry you across the lava river. Once you get to the other side, ride the moving platform down to the bottom and continue to the right side of the screen. Kill the guard on the bottom and top platform with grenades if you can - otherwise just jump down to the bottom platform and kill the guard. When you get there, on the right edge of the platform there will be another moving platform. Jump on it and ride to the bottom. Here, you will face Mayday. Like all the other bosses, just shoot her a few times, she will die, and collect the energy heart. Drop down one level by crouching and pressing your jump button. Move to the right and you will see another moving platform at the top. Grab onto it and ride it all the way to the right. Kill the guard and descend the ladder to find and rescue a Bond girl. Ride the platform back to the left side of the screen. Drop down one more level and move to the left whilst jumping over the holes. When you get to the platform with the ladder descending, wait for the moving platform at the top and ride it to the top. As usual, rescue the Bond girl. Run over to the left side of the screen until you get to the elevator that goes to about four different places. Ride the platform up one level and you are back where you first started the mission. Go to the right side of the screen, cross the lava river via the moving platform at the top, move down the platform, move to the right, and you will be back where you saw the two ledges and the two guards patrolling them. Move down to the bottom platform the guard is patrolling and use the pipes and ladders, and the moving platform to get to the top of the structure that looks like a tower. Guarding the bomb, will be four or five rotating circle things that will attack you if you get on the platform that has the bomb on it. From the left edge of your moving platform, destroy the turrets using either your pistol bullets or grenades if you have any. Eventually, half of them will explode and about three will be left.

Level 4
Bond Girls: Five
Boss: Odd job

Keep taking the straightforward path collecting Bond girls as you go until you get to the multiple rockets. Find a path that goes to the left and eventually leads to two Bond girls and the bomb for the level. After getting the Bond girls, arming the bomb, go up the ladder, and prepare to fight the boss. This boss is actually quite challenging compared to Jaws or Odd job. Throw a few grenades on it and fire a few bullets on it and it'll eventually blow up. Continue running to the exit, and you'll beat the level.

Level 5
Bond Girls: None
Boss: Jaws

This level is very quick. Here you are fighting Jaws in a machine similar to the one in Level 4. Get up on the ladder and get to the top of the room. Shoot Jaws' crane that attempts to hit you every now and then and throw a few grenades at it. When you have destroyed it with enough pistol bullets and grenades go down and meet the Bond girl.

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