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Q's Armoury

Above: James Bond 007 Action Pack box art.

007 must successfully train with one of Q's new weapons in the MI6 underground shooting range before taking on his next mission.

Game Data
Released: 1990
Published By: Domark
Developed By: Divide By Zero

Sinclair Spectrum +2 128K

Q's Armoury screenshot for Sinclair Spectrum +2 128K

Official Blurb
Ah 007, thanks for getting down here so quickly. You know we were right! The crew of the chopper reads like a roll call of international terrorists - four of the most dangerous mercenaries on our files. It'd take something huge to bring those four together, and our man in Turkey reported a whole army of suspicious types. Well, you better sit down... No! No! Not there. That's a prototype we're working on - an ejector seat for top ranking officials. If someone tries to assassinate them at their desk, it shoots them to safety through a trap door in the ceiling. Only, we don't have the trap door fitted yet. You know, it would have blasted you against three inches of concrete at 100mph. Even you'd have got a headache from that. Right, back to business. Now, there's only one organisation powerful enough to recruit terrorists of these capabilities. An organisation called SPIDER and their aim is obvious: if they'd killed those ambassadors on British soil, imagine what it would have meant to the peace talks next month. We'd have been back at the iciest depths of the Cold war! So, we're sending you in.

Lord Bromley's Estate screenshot for Sinclair Spectrum +2 128K

You must eliminate SPIDER's threat before they try again, and it's going to be tough, possibly your toughest assignment ever. So, we've devised something to give you an edge. Now, this may look like an ordinary pistol, but it's not. Firstly, it's electro-genetically personalised so only you will be able to use it. Now, I want you to hold it while I set it. [Beeps] There, that's it. Now, you're the only person able to use it. Take it out to the firing range and get used to it, blast those bullseyes, and... piece of cake really, 007. But, pay attention as this is actually three weapons in one. In your second visit to the range, you'll use it in continuous fire mode. That's right - hold down the trigger and you've got a machine pistol. Pretty neat, hmm? And finally, the heavy artillery. Well, you can't really lug a bazooka around with you, so we've devised a miniature explosive shell. Its effects are devastating. It can blow holes in armour plated steel! Now, that'll be your third session at the firing range. Sorry to put you through all this 007, but M insists. Oh, and you don't leave here until you've reached the qualifying scores in each category. Well, what are you waiting for? Get shooting.

Released as part of the 'James Bond 007 Action Pack' bundle for the Christmas 1998 market by Amstrad, this title was originally developed to support the new lightgun accessory, the 'Magnum Light Phaser'. The game was cosmetically dressed up as a James Bond title for launch, with Desmond Llewelyn playing 'Q' on the audio cassette explaining the backstory and mission. It is also known as 'Q's Shooting Range' and 'Q's Underground Shooting Range.' The game featured no music or sound effects.

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