Magda (Kristina Wayborn)


Actress: Kristina Wayborn
Character: Magda
Movie: Octopussy
Date of Birth: 24th September 1950
Place of Birth: Nybro, Sweden
Trivia: Broke several toes whilst shooting a fight scene for "Octopussy"

Pleased To Meet You
007 spies Magda alongside the villainous Prince Kamal Kahn at Sotheby's auction of fine Faberge eggs. The beautiful and mysterious girl works with Kahn to retrieve the fake jewels and prevent the smuggling ring from being exposed.

Caught In The Act
Bond and Magda rendezvous in Udaipur, India, whilst Bond is tracing the source of the faux antiquity. The pair enjoy an outdoor candlelight dinner before retiring with a bottle of champaign. 007 discovers her 'little Octopussy' - much to his bemusement - before Magda makes a sweeping exit and Bond is captured by the substantially less charming Gobinda.

"He suggests a trade. The egg for your life. "

The right-hand-lady of the mysterious jewel smuggler Octopussy, Magda is a confident but reserved lady with a rare talent as a circus performer. She seduces James Bond with remarkable ease and spends a passionate night with the British Agent.

Memorable Quotes
Magda: I collect memories.
Bond: Well, lets get on with making a few.

Magda: I don't know how to say goodbye.
Bond: Actions speak loader than words.

Bond: Up to now you are the least lethal and by far the prettiest of Kamal's friend's that I've come across.
Magda: Thank you.
Bond: So, does he have a proposition for me, or do you?
Magda: He suggests a trade. The egg for your life.
Bond: I heard the price of eggs were going up...

Magda: You have a very good head for faces.
Bond: And figures...


Born as Britt-Inger Johansson in September 1950, she began modeling at an early age. By age 20, she was enrolled in the Miss Sweden modeling competition and won her nation-wide competition. The same year she was entered into Miss Universe and made the semifinal. As it was she was also selected to be Miss Scandinavia the same year - the beauty pageant for Nordic nations including Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland and of course her home country of Sweden.


She made her Television debut six years later as Claudine in the made-for-TV Drama "Victory at Entebbe" which starred Kirk Douglas and Richard Dreyfuss. It was not long before James Bond was knocking on her door.

As a relatively fresh-faced actress but a stunning and professional model, Wayborn worked opposite Maud Adams - her Swedish co-star - and the pair apparently had a ball on set. She won the role by proving her ability and physical fitness to at least appear to be a skilled acrobat.

Cubby Broccoli spotted his newest Bond girl when he saw her performing in 1980's "The Silent Lovers". In this role she played the iconic Swedish silent film actress, Greta Gabo, in a 1930s set romance story between John Gilbert and Garbo. Gilbert was played by "Spin City" star, Barry Bostwick.

Beyond Bond, Wayborn made a token few TV appearances in '80s sit-com "The Love Boat" as well as adventure "MacGyver" and even the long-running American drama, "Dallas". Her most recent screen appearance was in the action-packed but poorly rated "Forbidden Warrior" (2004).