GoldenEye: Rogue Agent (2004) - Players Guide

Mission 2: Auric Enterprises

Dismissed from MI6, you take up Goldfinger's offer to work as his underling. Dr. No has learned of Goldfinger's secret weapon "The Omen" and has launched an attack on Auric Enterprises. You must defend the mountain top base and shoot your way out.

Time to join the dark side. Kill the guard on your right and go into the door by proceeding to the left of the wall. Go in and then go through the door on your right. Go up on the small platform the enemies are on, proceed forward, and then right to find a door with enemies guarding it. Go in and then go down the stairs on the left and move forward. When you get to the end of the room go through the door on the left and then go through another door. Go inside and go right when you can. Turn right and go forward to get to a staircase - go down. Make your way to the other side of the room then go in the door. Turn right and go through the door ahead of you. Go through the next door and zigzag your way across the room, use the two lifts, and go into the next door. Turn right and go through the door. "You are looking at an industrial laser which produces an extraordinary light not to be found in can project a spot on the moon...or at closer range cut through solid metal."

Go into the door that is past the laser and then go into the door in front of you. Go forward, to the right, and go through the door. Go around the room and down the staircase, move across the room and go up the staircase. Move across and keep taking the straightforward section of this level. When you see a glowing thing attached to the wall, go down the staircase to the left of it, and then shoot the middle of the bottom of it. This magical glowing thing is one of the two filters that you have to destroy in this level. After destroying the laser, go through the door on the same level you are on. Go up and then down the next set of stairs. Then go up and down again then when you see the set of stairs to the right, go up. Eventually, you'll come to a dirt passage that looked like the one you were in before. Go through the door then go down the stairs to the left. Go into the passage, to the right, and then take the stairs up. Destroy the second filtration tube and go through the door on the right. Go through the door then go left. After getting past all the wreckage, go left into the small cavern, navigate inside, and you will emerge outside. When you are outside, turn right and proceed forward, go left when you can, and stay to the left side, and eventually you will complete the level and meet Pussy Galore.

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