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Mission 5: Hoover Dam

Xenia Onatopp based herself and her troops at the Hoover Dam before the attack on Goldfinger's casino. The dam has been booby trapped with a nuclear device and, with the help of Oddjob, and you must shoot your way through the complex and face-off against Xenia before they can blow the whole place.

Turn right and go into the circular tunnel and ascend the stairs. At the end of the tunnel, you will see a door to the left - go through it. Climb up the ladder and take the straight-forward path until you get to the room that looks like a warehouse. Using the sniper rifle to the right, snipe as many guards as you can, and then descend the ladder. From the ground, if you look to the right, you will see a yellow freight elevator. Head forward then right and navigate around the boxes and you will get to the freight elevator. Ride the elevator up, go to the shack, and ascend the ladder. Follow the straightforward path and you will get to a room filled with tanks. Use the zip line to get down, and if you can, shoot a few guards on the way down. Try to stay to the right side of the room. Eventually, you will get to another circular tunnel to go through.

Eventually, you will get to a passage on the left side of the tunnel. Go through it and take the straightforward path up the dam and eventually you will come to an elevator to go through. Now, you will be at a dam that is similar to the one in the 1995 James Bond film 'Goldeneye'. Use the shotgun and the MK5 Detonator for this part of the level. In this section of the level you will be against tanks, armoured personnel carriers (APC's) with machine guns, and soldiers with shotguns, assault rifles, rocket launchers, and sometimes pistols. Have fun. Using your detonator gun and the shotgun shoot the vehicles with the detonator, get some cover, and detonate the explosive. Do this for all the vehicles. When you run out of detonator shots, use your grenades. When you run out of grenades, use the rocket launchers the enemies usually have. Good luck.

After getting past the dam, you will be in an elevator. When the elevator stops, go out the door on the right and ascend the staircase. Kill all the guards whilst progressing to the end of the room. After you go through the two doors at the end of the room, you will emerge in a tunnel - head left and then left again when you can. (Use the Predator for this level) Go up the staircase and go through the door at the end of the balcony, it's down the stairs on the left. Descend the stairs and you will be in the water flow room. Work your way to the end of the room then go through the door on the right. Take the straightforward path and you will get to another balcony. Descend down the ladder. When you get to the stairs on the left, go up, and go to the end of the room. Go down the stairs and through the doors directly in front of you.

Follow the straightforward path through the warehouse rooms and eventually you will get to the end of the rooms and get to another part of the mission. Go through the doors and get the sniper rifle on the platform to the right of you and pick off as many guards as possible. Get to the end of the room and call the lift with the button that's on the left platform. Press the button and go to the elevator when it comes. Ride the elevator to the top and when you get there, kill the guards and go to the balcony in the middle and use the console to lower the seismic bomb into a large hole. Go to the end of the room and go through the door that looks like an elevator. Go down the ladder. Go into the tunnel and head left. Eventually, you will come to an elevator on the right - use it. Now it's time for a boss - Xenia Onatopp. You probably remember her from the original Goldeneye.

The battle itself actually doesn't differ much from the original one. First, destroy the aircraft with either a mini gun, or the rocket launchers that are spread around on the dam. Eventually, the aircraft will start emitting smoke and Xenia will be forced to land somewhere. Find out where she landed and get a powerful weapon. Do not use the rocket launcher or mini gun as they are too heavy and Goldeneye will be sluggish when dodging Xenia's attacks. There is actually one assault rifle on the dam. Get whatever gun you want and go find Xenia. She is most likely on the East or West side of the dam. You'll know if you see her as she will be firing green stuff at you. When you confront her, she will be armed with a gun that can slow down your movements. Shoot her with whatever gun you have and she will be defeated. Mission complete.

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