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Mission 6: The Octopus

Goldfinger has decided to take the battle to his enemy, and must discover the location of Dr. No's island. Number 1 informs you that the coordinates are stored in a secure database in The Octopus - an underwater base used by the criminal underworld. You must secure the coordinates and escape The Octopus.

After the computer has completed its scan, all the guards will start to shoot at you. Proceed to the forward part of the room, ascend the stairs, and then go into the elevator. Once the elevator stops, go out to the Octopus room and kill everyone inside. The MK5 Detonator and a HS-90 is a good combo for this section of the level. Once the MK5 is of no use to you, use double HS-90s and you should kill everyone without dying... hopefully. Enter any of the many elevators and you will reach a room that looks like an armoury. Go up to the second floor of the armoury and you will notice a gap in the railing. The railing is also on the opposite side of the room. From the gap in the railing, use your Goldeneye Hack feature on the computer in front of you and a bridge will extend. Go through the room on the side. Do the same thing here (kill everyone) except there is no bridge to extend - actually no bridge at all. Go into the elevator on the second floor when you are finished.

In the elevator, purchase explosives at the computer. Go through the next door. Get to the end of the room and purchase more stuff. Now, go through the door and then go through the door directly in front of you. Follow the straightforward path and you will get to another white room. Eventually, you will come to a luxurious room with many guards (not the one with the clay pots). Go through this room very carefully or you will be slaughtered very quickly. When you are finished go through the door on the second floor. When you enter the room, you will be gassed by tear gas. Proceed to the other door in the room and hack it using your Goldeneye. Proceed to the forward part of the room where the arrow points and the second part of the mission will start.

Kill everyone in the room and download the Crab Key coordinates from the large computer at the end of the room and in the middle of the room. Now, do a 180-degree turn and kill all the guards. If you look closely, you will see a circular room in the middle with two exits. This room is actually an elevator so go down in it. For now, it's simply a matter of following the straightforward path killing everything that moves. When you get to the room with a large pool and with a vehicle in it, go to the left side of it, and press the activate button to end the mission.

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