GoldenEye: Rogue Agent (2004) - Players Guide

Mission 7: Crab Key

It's finally time to take your revenge on Dr. No. Having discovered the coordinates from The Octopus mainframe, you take your battle to Dr. No's back yard. You must dispose of Dr. No and his army once and for all.

Turn left and kill the guard. Proceed up the staircase, past the crates, and you will come to a bridge. Use the console to the left of the bridge and half of the bridge will be lowered down. Using your Goldeneye, from the half-bridge, hack the other console on the other side of the dock. Proceed across the bridge and head to the right. When you get to a dead end, head right, proceed up the staircase, and go through the door. In the room, head into the door on your left and go down the staircase. Head to the end of the room, go through the door, and ascend the stairs to the left. When you emerge in the tower, activate the console to the right of you, proceed down the stairs, and then go through the door in front of you. Once again, proceed to the end of the room and you will find yourself outside. Move to the large door at the end of the room and go inside. Destroy the two aircraft with the assault rifles that are around and the next door will unlock.

Go into the room and go up the slanted floor. Follow the straightforward path and you will come to a room with four windows. Go to any one of them, and you will discover that this room is actually an elevator. When it stops, go out the door and you will find yourself in the mine complex. Continue into the mine and kill the guards whilst taking cover behind the rocks and various objects. Take the path to the far left and do the same thing when you come to the fork and you will emerge outside. Get to the end of the road, and you will see a zip line - use it. Take the straightforward path of using the zip lines and you will you get to the bottom. When you get to the bottom, use the explosive on the tank, and climb up the hill to the right. Follow the straightforward path until after you get past the catwalks. Eventually, you will come to a room with another slanted floor. Go through the door and you will find yourself outside again. Use your Goldeneye shield. Good luck. The tanks take about five rockets to destroy, and the guards have rocket launchers. To make things for difficult, the guard has a mini-gun.

After you've gotten past that part, proceed forward and you will come to a blue room with a globe in front of you. Head to the right and descend the stairs when you get to them. Activate the computer with the arrow on top of it and go to the door where a few guards will emerge from the door. Go through the door and you will come to a room where there are three or so windows. Dr. No's aircraft will appear outside and you can blow it up by shooting at it with the various guns that are placed in the room. After you are done, you can go through the door in the middle of the room. Follow the path and you will come to a reactor type room. Using your Goldeneye powers you can hack the various terminals on the level that Dr. No is on. After you have hacked all the terminals successfully, shoot Dr. No and he will die. Yes, he is actually dead now. Congratulations. Go down a floor, and go through one of the large doors. Follow the path and you will get to Dr. No's personal aircraft and you will escape Crab Key.

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