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Shoot To Kill

"Lights. Camera. Murder."

Villains: Anton Kostler, Martyn Kostler
Plot: James Bond travels to LA. Before leaving, a new school friend discovers some shocking film footage which propels Bond and company on an adventure.
Bond Girls: Boudicca 'Boody' Pryce
Allies: Hugo Grande, Daniel Sloman, Victoria 'Tori' Wo, Gillian de Vries, Adam Elmhirst
Locations: Cardington (Bedford), Totnes (Devon), Lakehurst (USA), Los Angles (USA)
Highlights: Roof top escape from Darlington Hall. Car chase through the sprawling streets of LA with James behind the wheel.

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Author: Steve Cole
Published: 6th November 2014 (UK), TBC (USA)
Publisher: Random House (UK)
Format: Hardback
Price: £6
Pages: 296
MI6 Rating:

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Chapter Listing

Prologue: You Asked for It

  1. Do as You're Told
  2. Chance of a Lifetime
  3. Sunlight and Darkness
  4. Silver Screen Scarlett
  5. Killer Ending
  6. Rectified
  7. A Quite Night
  8. Space Enough at Last
  9. Scaling the Himmelstreppe
  10. Voices from Nowhere
  11. Trouble Is a Fellow Passenger
  12. Among the Angelenos
  13. All the Stage Is a World
  14. Down These Mean Streets
  15. The Story of Tori Wo
  16. You Will Enjoy Dinner
  17. Reality or the Vision
  18. Hell or a Tour
  19. First Evidence
  20. The Full Package
  21. How to Crash a Party
  22. Paths Will Cross
  23. Chasing Hollywood
  24. What's the Damage
  25. Director's Cut
  26. Shoot to Kill, Slowly
  27. Divided We Stand
  28. High Noon
  29. Ascent and Maelstrom
  30. Hollywood Sunset, Roll Credits

Official Announcement
Steve Cole comments "I am both honoured and hugely excited to be taking on Young Bond from Charlie. I am having a fantastic time shaping a new era in the life of a truly iconic character - readers can expect many firsts, surprises and dangers to come as James's life develops."

Steve Cole and the first Young Bond author Charlie Higson came together at the Hay Festival to mark the official handover of the authorship. Together they unveiled a giant replica book cover of Shoot to Kill, a striking black and metallic design which gives a few hints as to what will unfold in Bond’s next adventure.

Handing over the reins to Steve Cole, Charlie Higson comments, "As a lifelong Bond fan, having the opportunity to write five Young Bond books and bring the most famous secret agent in the world to life for a younger generation was a total blast. Being a part of the James Bond legacy, and being allowed to play in his world, was a real honour and I know only too well what excitement is in store for Steve as he begins a new chapter for Young Bond."

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