Mistakes - Die Another Day

Korea, whether North or South, does not have surf beaches.

Colonel Moon is beating up the punching bag. Afterwards, it is unzipped and a man falls out. However, when he was beating up the punching bag, it was shaped like a regular punching bag, not like it had a man inside. If it had a man inside, there would have been a lot more air in the bag.

When Bond lands after surfing the huge pressure wave, the clouds behind him multiply between shots from a few to a sky-full.

During the pre-titles sequence surfing action, crew/support boats can be seen in the right hand corner of some shots.

When Bond is traded for Zao on the 38th parallel we see they are in a misty forest. Panmunjom, the only point along the DMZ where one can walk between North and South Korea, is grassy fields and hills.

Zao is not a Korean name, it is Chinese. Although many Koreans do have Chinese names, including Zao, they have no "z" sound in their own language and pronounce the name as "Jo" or "Cho".

The camouflage uniforms of North Korean Soldiers are actually South Korean civilian reservist uniforms.

When M visits Bond after he has been traded for Zao, she unlocks the door to enter his sealed room, then leaves 'locking' the door behind her. However, the light on the door locks remain green (unlocked) after she re-locks them, despite them originally being red when locked, then becoming green upon unlocking.

When Gustav Graves lands in the parachute, a man is seen helping him take the harness off. When the camera angle changes, the man disappears, and he seems to be taking it off himself.

After escaping from the Royal Navy cruiser and swimming to the shores of Hong Kong, Bond arrives on the Kowloon side of Hong Kong (the background shows Hong Kong Island). However, there is no Yacht Club on Kowloon, only on Hong Kong Island.

Crew members, almost lined up, are reflected in Bond's binoculars at the beach bar as he looks out to sea. (These are not extras at the beach bar, as subsequent shots reveal only a couple of sparsely populated tables within the vicinity.)

Seconds after we see Jinx's dramatic entrance from the Cuban waves, she appears to be completely dry.

The license plates in the Cuba scenes are wrong. This is especially notable with the car that Bond gets from Raoul, which has black plates with yellow-ish lettering, a combination that did not exist in the time period the movie is set in.

When Bond leaps through the window at the clinic he takes a grape from the fruit bowl. When he goes through the door of the room he can be seen chewing and then putting another grape in his mouth and eating that one. However he only picked up one grape and therefore can't have been eating anything originally, despite his mouth moving.

The cheque that Jinx gives to Dr. Alvarez is different to the one seen a few shots later. The handwriting is different and the surname has changed from Johnson to Jordan.

When Bond fights Zao in the Cuban clinic, he disarms Zao by switching on an MRI, which makes the gun fly out of his hand, then switching it off to grab the gun. MRI magnets take hours both to charge up and to power down.

Bond inspects his sword twice in rapid succession, unnaturally, before the fencing match.

Upon leaving the clinic, Bond has four diamonds. He then gives five to M.

When Bond is talking to M in the subway there is a shot over Bond's shoulder that shows his mouth moving when he is not speaking.

The Icelandic car number plates shown in the film do not have the correct typeface (they used the same typeface as on British number plates).

During the Icarus demonstration, there is a woman in the background of the shot focusing on Bond, who is not wearing sunglasses. In a subsequent wide shot, she, along with other members of the audience, removes her glasses that were not there seconds ago.

When Bond escapes from Graves' lair by running down the outside of the dome, the stuntman appears to be wearing sunglasses, while Brosnan, in the shots immediately before and after the stunt, is not.

When Bond is running done the dome, the rope changes between the shots. (From a steel wire to climbing rope and back, best seen at the knot)

In the scene where med-techs run in to resuscitate Bond, he touches one defibrillator paddle to each of the two male technicians and shocks them. In reality this would not work, as the current flows from one paddle to the other through the human body.

Whilst trapped on the 'diamond cutting' laser equipment, the zip of Jinx's cat-suit changes position.

When Bond is caught by a guard outside Graves' headquarters at the Icelandic compound after the Icarus presentation, the guard (oddly) talks to Bond in German, asking him what he'd be doing there and telling him to put his hands up and to turn around. Apart from that, the guard's lips movements do not correspond at all to the German lines that are heard. In fact, he doesn't seem to say anything at all.

When Bond makes his escape in the jet-powered ice racer, the cable pulling it along is clearly visible in the overhead shot.

When Bond returns to the Ice Palace (after stealing the land speed vehicle) he gets back into to his car. When he approaches the car, just before entering, he hides behind it. However, this would be pointless, as the cameras on his side of the car would project the image of him onto the opposite side, as the car is in 'stealth mode'. Which means any guards who looked would clearly see 007 squatting in the snow.

When bond is "surfing" using the parachute and trunk covering (from the jet powered car), as he reaches the big ice berg which he airs off, he pulls the parachute towards him and his hands are below his waist. In the next shot his hands are above his head.

When the Aston Martin is flipped, its wing mirror housing is smashed off (and a piece of it flicks away), but the car has intact wing mirrors in all the subsequent shots inside the Ice Palace.

Wheel tracks from earlier takes visible early in the ice-lake car chase.

When Bond is using the sniper rifle, Jinx comments: "Windage 1 and 1/2." This information is useless to Bond, without some type of direction or denomination.

As Bond and Jinx are running to get aboard the Antonov, you hear the engines powering up for takeoff. However as the front of one of the engines comes into shot, it shows that the turbine blades are moving very slowly, as if the engine isn't even running.

When Jinx is in the cockpit of the plane, the cockpit is actually that of the An-225 Myria, not the An-124 fuselage/Il-76 nose plane used in the film. This is evident because of the six power levers. The plane in the movie only has four engines.

When Jinx is pressing buttons in the airplane cockpit, trying to regain control of the plane, the lights next to the buttons are going out before she presses them.

A water-buffalo witnesses the cars crashing into the rice paddy, supposedly in Korea, where no water-buffaloes live.

The cruising speed of the Antonov 124 is approximately 500mph, which equates to nearly 1 mile every 6 seconds. It is very unlikely that cars dumped several seconds apart would land within a couple of hundred yards of each other.