Quotes - Live And Let Die

Bond: Harold Strutter, CIA. Where were you when I didn't need you?
Strutter: Kind of obvious you weren't coming out front. Not even with that clever disguise you're wearing.
Bond: Hmm?
Strutter: White face in Harlem. Good thinking, Bond!

Hamilton: Who's funeral is it?
Assassin: Yours!

Cabdriver: Hey, you know where you're going, man?
Bond: Uptown, I believe?
Cabdriver: Uptown? Your heading into Harlem, man!
Bond: Well, you just keep on the tail of that jukebox and there's an extra 20 in it for you.
Cabdriver: Hey man, for 20 bucks I'll take you to a Ku Klux Klan cook out.

James Bond: Easy Charlie, lets get there in one piece.


Bond: Baines? Baines. I rather liked Baines, we shared the same boot-maker.

Bond: You see, by pulling out this button sir, it turns the watch into a hyper-intensified magnetic field, powerful enough to deflect the path of a bullet at long range - or so Q claims.

Moneypenny: [on discovering 007 with Miss. Caruso] Goodbye James, or should I say "Ciao, bello"

Solitaire: He comes again. There will be violence. He approaches even now.
Kananga: By land or water?
Solitaire: Water… He has arrived
Kananga: Good, Rosie has been more efficient than anticipated.

Felix: Get me a make on a white pimp-mobile.

Bond: My name is Bond. James Bond.
Mr. Big: Names is for tombstones baby - you all take this honkey out and waste him, ok?

Strutter: Can't miss him. It's like following a cueball.

Bond: Good afternoon, bourbon and water please.
Bartender: First booth will do.
Bond: Tell him neat, will you.
Waiter: Huh?
Bond: No ice.
Waiter: That's extra, man!
Bond: Voodoo land was just poppy fields. A simply case of heroine smuggling. I'll have a word with a man named Felix, turn the case over to him, and you and I will be off. By the way, where would you like to go?
Solitaire: [laying back on a bunk-bed] Anywhere where we can find one of these.


Bond: Voodoo land was just poppy fields. A simply case of heroine smuggling. I'll have a word with a man named Felix, turn the case over to him, and you and I will be off. By the way, where would you like to go?
Solitaire: [laying back on a bunk-bed] Anywhere where we can find one of these.

Rosie: It's down there.
Bond: I thought that you said it was up in the hills.
Rosie: Yes, up in the hills, down there.

Bond: Black queen on the red king, Miss...?
Solitaire: Solitaire.

Bond: A genuine Felix 'Lighter'. Illuminating!

J.W.: You picked the wrong parish to haul ass through boy. Nobody cuts and runs of Sheriff JW Pepper. And it's him speaking that, by the by.

Kananga: Tee-Hee, on Solitaire's first wrong answer, you will snip the little finger of Mr Bond's right hand. On the next wrong answer, you will move on to more... vial areas.

Bond: Good evening. The name's Bond, you have a reservation for me.
Hotel Manager: Yes, Mr. Bond. Of course. Mrs. Bond's been expecting you.
Bond: Mrs. Bond?
Hotel Manager: She arrived this morning, said she preferred something a little more quiet.
Bond: An incurable romantic, Mrs. Bond

Bond: You know what this is, the Queen of Cups, and you know what it means in an upside down position? A deceitful, perverse woman, a liar and a cheat and I'd like some answers now.


J.W.: I got me a regular Ben Hur down here, doing 95 - minimum!

Bond: Surely there must be a simpler way of drowning someone.
Kananga: Drown, Mr. Bond? I doubt you'll get the chance to do that.

Rosie: There's a snake!
Bond: Oh yes, you must never go in there without a mongoose.

Bond: Why it's just a hat, darling, belonging to a smallheaded man of limited means who lost a fight with a chicken.

Bond: As I was saying Quarrel, a lousy agent but the compensations speak for themselves. Rosie Carver, meet the man who shares my hairbrush, Quarrel Jr.
Rosie: I'm really sorry. I could have shot you.
Quarrel Jr: You might have even killed me if you had taken off the safety catch.

Kananga: Your power exists to serve me, and it is mine to control. If and when the time comes I decide to are to lose it, I myself will take it away.

Solitaire: The High Priestess is wife to the price no longer of this world. The spiritual bridge to the secret church. It was my fate. By compelling me to earthly love, the cards themselves have taken away my powers.

Solitaire: Is there time before we go for 'number three?
Bond: Absolutely, there's no sense in going off half-cocked.

Tee-Hee: There are two ways to disable an alligator, Mr Bond.
Bond: I don't suppose you'd tell me what they are.
Tee-Hee: One way is to jab a pen right above it's eye.
Bond: And the other way?
Tee-Hee: Oh, the other way is twice as simple. Just stick your hand in it's mouth and pull out all it's teeth. Heh, heh.


Rosie: You're only my second mission - my first was Baines, the agent who was killed.
Bond: It's a relief to know I'm next in line for the same kind of aid.

Samedi: Good morning Boss, it's sure going to be a beautiful day, yes a beautiful day.

Kananga: Any cost, any! Bond must die.

Taxi Driver: Today is your lucky day Jim, you're going sky diving!
Adam: There's a hell of a view of the lake from 10,000 feet.

Felix: [on the phone] Yes, Mr. Bleaker, yes, yes. I know you can't just glue the wings back on. Mr. Bleaker, I'm sure there's no reason for name-calling. I appreciate she may be one of your best pupils. Any suggestion of that kind should be forwarded in writing to Washington.
Bond: How is Mrs. Bell?
Felix: Intensive care, but she'll pull through.

Waiter: Two gentlemen? I've got a nice booth over here up against the wall.
Bond: Do you think you could find something a little closer to the stage.
Felix: What's wrong with a booth?
Bond: I once had a nasty turn in a booth.

Mr. Big: Did you mess with that?

Kananga: When entering into a vastly competitive field, one finds it advisable to give away free samples. Man or woman, black or white, I don't discriminate.

Bond: Butter-hook!

Solitaire: What are you doing?
Bond: Just being disarming, darling.


J.W.: What are you, some kind of doomsday machine?

Bond: Seems like the party's started.
Quarrel Jnr: Give my regards to the Baron Samedi, man. Right between the eyes.

Kananga: What shell we drink to?
Bond: How about an earthquake.

Solitaire: Where's Kananga?
Bond: Well, he always did have an inflated opinion of himself.

Felix: I still don't see why you want to travel this way - I mean, what they hell can the two of you do on the train for 16 hours?
Bond: Say goodbye to Felix, darling.

Deputy: J.W., this fellow's from England, see, and he's over here workin' with our government, sort of a... secret agent.
Pepper: Secret agent? On whose side?

Solitaire: James, what are you doing?
Bond: Just testing an old adage, unlucky at cards...