Mistakes - The Spy Who Loved Me

At the beginning of the pre-title sequence, there's a Union Flag fluttering in the background. It's upside down (the Union flag is not symmetrical and the broader white diagonal stripe should be at the top on the left - or flag pole - side).

In the initial chase where Bond is being pursued by Anya's KGB-agent boyfriend, the boyfriend is wearing ski goggles when he starts the chase. However, after Bond shoots a round into his chest from the ski pole and he falls, his goggles are off.

The ruins where Jaws tries to kill Bond are actually from two different locations on opposite sides of the Nile.

When major Amasova enters the bar in Cairo, the slit on her dress shows her thighs. When she and Bond are stalking Jaws in the ruins, the dress is clearly longer.

The dirt on Major Amasova's dress suddenly appears in the middle of the scene by the ruins in Egypt.

Just as Bond is about to get up from his seat to follow Fekkesh, a jump cut makes several members of the audience change position.

On the train, the wine spill on Jaws's jacket disappears in one shot and is inconsistently dry in others.

During one scene Bond honks the horn on his white Lotus before passing a truck on the cliff side road. Bond presses the center of the steering wheel when the Lotus horn is actually the lever on the left of the steering wheel.

In the car chase scene with the white Lotus (just before it runs into the ocean and transforms into a sub) the helicopter can be seen firing its machine guns directly into the ground, but there are no impact plumes or sound effects as in previous scenes.

There is very little down draft from the copter disturbing the water as it supposedly hovers above the Lotus/sub.

In the underwater sequence, just before Bond fires a torpedo on a diver, he steers left, but the sub turns right.

When Bond and Amasova are on the speed boat going to see Stromberg, the underwater lair is super-imposed on the horizon, rather than midway. This would make the lair around 50 miles high.

When the boat blasts out of Stromberg's hideout and lands in the water, dummies are clearly visible riding in it. It is obviously a small miniature, also.

When James Bond first arrives by boat in Sardinia, we can see some donkey carts. These carts are modeled upon those used in Sicily; they are not used in Sardinia.

The wrong kind of tropical fish are depicted in the Sardinian sea (underwater filming was located in the Bahamas).

The man who leads the assault on the control room and gets killed can be seen alive later entering the submarine.

Bond's trusty Walther PPK is a "double action/single action" pistol. The first shot cocks the hammer automatically for the second and subsequent shots. When Bond shoots Stromberg through a tube under the table, he fires two consecutive shots, both double action.

On the globe in the control room of the Liparus, both submarines as well as the Liparus are shown being in the Atlantic ocean. Stromberg and Anya could never have made it to "Atlantis" (which is supposed to be somewhere near Sardinia) in time, using the small escape vessel.

As the Liparus is exploding around them, the captain of the American submarine gives the order to load the torpedo tube with a Mark-46 torpedo when he should have said "Mark-48". The Mark-46 is about 10 feet shorter than the torpedo seen being launched in the film.

Jaws's position under the magnet changes between shots.

In the opening credits, the last girl who is doing flips supposedly on the end of the gun barrel pulls down the actual bar during rotation to the point where it shows under the gun barrel (blue; during director credit).

In the opening sequence showing the English sub surfacing before the credits, there are bubbles coming from beneath the model submarine.

As the Lotus Esprit drives off the pier and enters the water, we glimpse the exposed underbody of a normal car. After it enters the sea the underbody is sealed (as any good submarine car should be),

It's obviously a joke, but... as Bond drives his Lotus Esprit out of the sea, he hands a fish to a person on the beach. If there was a hole large enough to allow a fish to enter the car/submarine, they would surely have drowned, or at least got very wet (although a leak did occur in the roof of the car just before it emerged from the water).

When 007 returns to Atlantis to rescue Anya; after he first arrives on the dock, he is asked by Stromberg to board an elevator. As the elevator starts upward, for a split second a member of the crew appears to be walking on a walkway behind the open metal shutters to the left of the elevator shaft. And a split second later his shadow is visible.

Wires can be seen holding Jaws to the magnet.