Flying Medator
(The Man With The Golden Gun)

Vehicle: Flying Medator
Movie: The Man With The Golden Gun
Owner: Francisco Scaramanga
Status: Destroyed

A bronze AMC Medator owned by Scaramanga, which had the additional feature of a detachable wing/jet engine module which attached to the roof of the car, giving it more than just the ultimate driving pleasure. The vehicle which left both Bond and JW Pepper with their jaws hanging open.


After a high speed pursuit by Bond, Scaramanga drove his car into an old warehouse and attached the wing module to the roof. As Bond and Pepper attempted to break into the warehouse, Scaramanga drove down the "runway" and jet-setted into the air and over the heads of James Bond and JW Pepper, who gasped in amazement.


A 1974 bronze AMC Medator, two door, with the following modifications:

  • Detachable wing with jet engine, which attached to the roof of the car
  • Alternating dashboard that changes into an aircraft instrument panel
  • Duel fuel tank, one for car fuel and one for aviation fuel