Gondola Hovercraft

Gadget: Gondola Hovercraft
Movie: Moonraker
Owner: James Bond
Status: Stored at Q-Branch

A traditional gondola, which are seen in the canal's of Venice. This gondola however was also a speedboat, and a land hovercraft, which gave Bond the edge over his pursuers.


Bond was casually rowing his way through the canals of Venice when a speedboat full of men with machine guns came into pursuit. Bond simply flipped a switch and speedboat controls raised, allowing Bond to stay a safe distance from the pursuers. When approaching a flight of stairs to St. Marks square, Bond engaged the hovercraft, a skirt inflated and the hovercraft went up on to land and straight thought the middle of St. Marks square. Shocked onlookers referred to the wine bottles on sight of the craft.


A standard looking Gondola with the following additions:

  • A powerful inboard motor
  • Retractable speedboat/hovercraft control panel
  • Inflatable/deflatable hover skirt