Harrier Jump Jet
(The Living Daylights)

Vehicle: Harrier Jump Jet
Movie: The Living Daylights
Owner: RAF
Status: Unknown

A state of the Harrier fighter jet, the flagship of the British Royal Air Force. It was used by MI6 to aid in KGB General Koskov's defection to "The West".


After Koskov's terrifying trip up a gas pipeline in the "PIG", Koskov arrived just past the Austrian Border where the Harrier was fired up and ready to go. Greeted by Q and other officials, Koskov was hurriedly ushered into the Harrier with it's engines screaming. The jet magically raised into the air and the terrified Koskov was about to experience more G-Force as though he really needed any more after his pipeline trip.


The Harrier has been renowned for it's incredible ability to take off and land vertically, by redirecting the engines thrust using deflectors. Naturally the plane can also take off and land normally, it is strange that Harriers are not used by many countries today. More details below:

  • Length: 45 feet
  • Height: 11 feet
  • Wingspan: 25 feet
  • Gross Weight: 26,000 pounds
  • Top Speed: 1225 km/h
  • Thrust: 43,000 pounds total
  • Rolls-Royce turbo-fan jet engine