Vulcan Bomber

Vehicle: Vulcan Bomber
Movie: Thunderball
Owner: NATO
Status: Destroyed

A NATO bomber which was supposed to be piloted in a test run by Major Francois Derval. It carried a payload of two atomic bombs.


The Vulcan was the key to SPECTRE's plan, Angelo Palazzi, Derval's imposter, came to Derval's hotel room where he was being seduced by Fiona Volpe, Palazzi killed Derval and stole his ID. Palazzi boarded the Vulcan and once in the air, gassed the co-pilots and crash landed the Vulcan into the waters of the Golden Grotto, allowing SPECTRE frogmen to steal the bombs. They also killed Palazzi for trying to extort more money from SPECTRE.


The Vulcan had a camouflage paint job, and a payload of two atomic bombs.