Warship La Fayette

Vehicle: Warship La Fayette
Movie: GoldenEye
Owner: French Navy
Status: Unknown

A French naval warship that was the venue for the demonstration of the Tiger helicopter. On the ship was a seating area, and was watched by high-ranking military personally from around the world.


The La Fayette was used as a viewing area a helipad for the Tiger which was being demonstrated for NATO. However the demonstration was sabotaged when Xenia Onatopp shot the pilots and stole their clothes. Xenia and her assailant then piloted the helicopter and flew it in a straight line over the horizon, while spectators watched in disappointment.


The La Fayette was a rigidly built French warship with the following specs:

  • A top speed of 25 knots
  • 7000 nautical mile range
  • A total crew of 153 people
  • 8 surface missiles
  • 1 short-range STA missile
  • A 100mm deck gun