Zorin's Escape Blimp
(A View To A Kill)

Gadget: Zorin's Escape Blimp
Movie: A View To A Kill
Owner: Max Zorin
Status: Destroyed

Zorin's escape blimp was hidden inside a portable contractors office collapsed down. This allowed escapees to enter the office door hit a few button and the roof of the building would open and the blimp inflate through the top.


Zorin and Dr. Mortner used the blimp to get away from the mine running on a time bomb detonator. They took off to watch the disaster, however they watched in disbelief as May Day wheeled the detonator on a rail car exploding up with her and foiling the plan. Bond managed to grab hold of a rope hanging from the airship, after Mortner's attempt to blow Bond up with a dynamite bomb, whilst the ship was tied to the Golden Gate bridge, Bond cut the rope, forcing Mortner to drop the bomb and blow himself and the airship to pieces.


A re-inflatable blimp which resided in a contractor's port-a-cabin, it could be inflated and raised from the flat at the touch of a button.