Odd Job
(Harold Sakata)

Character: Odd Job
Actor: Harold Sakata
Movie: Goldfinger
Age: Mid 30's
Appearence: Short muscly build, black crew-cut hair, Korean appearance, dark eyes, wears a black suit, vest a bowlers hat.
Status: Terminated

Although not the best golf caddy in the world, Goldfinger's mute Korean manservant, Odd Job, makes up for it in many other ways. Remembered chiefly for his steel rimmed bowler hat, Sakata makes Odd Job an almost invulnerable opponent for 007. However, Bond's quick thinking finally leads to his shocking end.

Most memorable quote:
"Ah, ha!"


Odd Job was Goldfinger personal chauffeur, servant and assassin, the multi-talented strongman was one of James Bond's toughest opponents. His bowler's hat had a reinforced sharp steel brim, he would use the hat as a weapon, throwing it at a victim, capable of decapitating them. Odd Job was mute and had never been seen speaking, however he could still understand Goldfinger's commands.


Odd Job, appropriately named, was under Goldfinger's every command, kind of like a trained poodle. His primary function was as Golfinger's assassin and bodyguard, he was responsible for the death of Jill and Tilly Masterson, Jill he painted gold and she died of skin suffocation, Tilly was decapitated by Odd Job whilst being chased outside Goldfinger's Swiss factory. In the vault at Fort Knox, Odd Job was locked in with Bond and Kisch, who attempted to diffuse the bomb, however he was killed by Odd Job who was protecting Goldfinger's scheme. Odd Job was electrocuted by Bond with a cut cable, when he grabbed for his hat which was embedded in the vault's steel bars.