Mr White (Jesper Christensen)


Character: Mr. White
Movie: Casino Royale
Status: Active
Actor: Jesper Christensen
Date of Birth: 16/05/48
Height: 5'11" (1.80 m)
Place of Birth: Copenhagen, Denmark

"You asked for an introduction - that is all my organization is able to guarantee."

Mr White is a villainous deal-maker, and the front for an unknown organization who prefer not to be the centre of attention.

On the Casino Royale mission, Bond encounters Mr. White when he eliminates Le Chiffre, seconds before the desperate villain dismembers 007. However, they meet again after Bond follows the clues left by Vesper to find Mr. White, escaping with the poker winnings.

The final frames of Casino Royale, see an injured Mr White facing the barrel of 007's semi automatic.

Jesper Christensen was born in May 1948, in Copenhagen, Denmark and quickly discovered his love for the theatrical arts and by 1976 was landing lead roles in local productions.

His talents were always widely respected in his homeland but in 2005 Christensen made his Hollywood debut in the Nicole Kidman thriller, “The Interpreter”. Since then, Jesper has landed roles in several US TV series, including "Revelations", and other feature films such as Bond 21, "Casino Royale".

Christensen is bilingual - fluent in both English and Danish, but also has a grasp of French, German and Italian. Christensen is the winner of several Danish Film Academy Awards: including Best Actor for his role in "The Bench", and Best Supporting Actor for "Barbara".