Producers comment on Adele title song rumours

Skyfall - 17-04-12
Set reports from the world's press and their visit to Pinewood earlier in the month gave the inquisitive an opportunity to quiz cast and crew from the film.

Hitfix had the opportunity to pose a question to producer Barbara Broccoli about the long-running rumours that Adele will sing the theme. Broccoli denied that there was any decision made, but Daniel Craig was on hand to stir things up...

"We havenít picked a song yet or anyone to sing it," says Broccoli.

Craig raises an eyebrow and adds, "How about Adele?"

"You know, sheís wonderful; we love her," Broccoli says. "So, itíll be great if she would do it, but we havenít got any -- we havenít made any decision yet."

And teasingly, Broccoli makes sure to add, "Watch this space."

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