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Pierce Brosnan to play the Bond he should have been in 'November Man'

08-Feb-2014 • Bond News

Moviemaking financier Myles Nestel spoke to the Hollywood Reporter this week about how his Bond fandom lead him to greenlight "November Man" - to see Pierce Brosnan play the type of secret agent he thought he should have been when he was in the 007 role.

Askek when he would start to find a buyer for the independent film, Nestel said: "I’m not sure. It’s one of those movies that plays great with an audience."

"Pierce [Brosnan] is back to spy mode. I like to think this is the James Bond he always wanted to play. The character isn’t so debonair and his edges are slightly rougher. I’m kind of a Bond freak, so this is a passion project."

GIven its independent financing outside the studio system, "November Man" was made for a fraction of the typical Hollywood blockbuster. Nestel explained, "It was originally set in Berlin, but we rewrote it so that we could shoot it in Serbia, which was significantly cheaper."

He also mentioned that "November Man" is set up to turn in to a franchise if the first film is successful.

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