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Limited edition art prints of iconic The Spy Who Loved Me Posters now available

27-Aug-2020 • Collecting

Siegfried Groß, graphic designer and illustrator, created this iconographic image for The Spy Who Loved Me back in 1977. This collector's item is now available in a circulation of 199 prints. This screenprint was done at the same printing company that did the original movie posters back in 1977.

Title: The Secret Agent
Format: 80 cm x 60 cm (Design 69 cm x 37.5 cm)
Paper: 250g Profisilk
Price: 177 Euro including VAT (shipping extra)
Email: [email protected] to order

Bond art collector extraordinaire Thomas Nixdorf briefly interviewed Siegfried about the poster.

Q: Why did you publish the art print series?
A: Over the years I got so many requests for this poster but did not have enough vintage posters left so I decided to produce a limited edition series in very high quality.
Q: Can you remember how you came to the idea of a multicoloured Roger Moore for that horizontal banner poster?
A: This is difficult to answer. The poster needed to be colourful and eye-popping. I think I managed that.
Q: How were the original posters produced in 1977 and how the art print series in 2020?
A: The reference photo is a blow-up from a United Artists 8" x 10" still. It was printed at a printing house specialized in silkscreens. The same company that printed the original in 1977 also did the art print run this year.
Q: Do you like it that your poster is referred to as the "Andy Warhol Pop Art Bond poster"?
A: This is a compliment, isn't it ?
Q: Did you know that the James Bond Production Company EON has a copy of your banner poster in their archive?
A: Nice but I did not know that
Q: When you should be approached to paint an official Bond poster would you do it?
A: Of course! This would be great.
Siegfried Groß has been producing posters for the advertising studio Degen in Stuttgart for more than 20 years. He produced posters for well-known films by Pier Paolo Pasolini, Woody Allen, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Volker Schlöndorff, Hans W. Geißendörfer and other greats of the film business. “Star Wars” , James Bond - The Spy Who Loved Me, One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest” and the western movie “Duck You, Sucker!” are just some of them. The jobs came mostly from famous film studios such as United Artists, Twentieth Century Fox, and Paramount.

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