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No, a new GoldenEye game is not due out soon

19-Apr-2021 • Gaming

A hasty trademark filing has led James Bond and gaming blogs alike to speculate that a new videogame based on the GoldenEye property will be released soon. It won't.

Rather, MGM and Danjaq were just covering legal bases after issuing a cease and desist to a fan project.

The 007 rights holders filed for the GoldenEye trademark (one they had previously owned for the 1997 videogame release) on August 6th, 2020.

The date is important as it was just a few days before the fan project (now known as) 'Spies Don't Die' agreed to remove all references to GoldenEye and James Bond from their game. 

Danjaq was officially granted the GoldenEye trademark in the US on March 16th, 2021, meaning they could now have shut the project down for trademark infringement had the developers not willingly agreed to drop the branding.

Meanwhile, IO Interactive is working on 'Project 007' a new original game storyline that will chart the beginning of James Bond's career at MI6 (and will have nothing to do with GoldenEye).

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