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Prime Adjectives

17th November 2023

How does Amazon's video service describe each James Bond film?

MI6 logo By MI6 Staff
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All 25 official James Bond films are currently on Amazon Prime Video. The service chooses three adjectives to describe movies on the platform, so which words did they pick for each 007 adventure? Most of them make sense, like 'Adventure,' 'Exciting,' 'Thrilling,' etc, but there are also some odd choices.

Is 'Goldfinger' frightening? How can 'You Only Live Twice' be gritty and outlandish at the same time? 'For Your Eyes Only' is harrowing, and 'A View To A Kill' is understated but strange. 'Die Another Day' is considered thoughtful and understated. 'Live And Let Die', 'Octopussy' and 'SPECTRE' are deemed to be sensual. What do you think of these classifications for Bond films?

Film . . .
'Dr. No' Exciting Frightening Sensual
'From Russia With Love' Suspense Stunning Thrilling
'Goldfinger' Thrilling Exciting Frightening
'Thunderball' Suspense Compelling Stunning
'You Only Live Twice' Action Gritty Outlandish
'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' Romance Tense Thrilling
'Diamonds Are Forever' Suspense Mysterious Outrageous
'Live And Let Die' Thoughtful Exciting Sensual
'The Man With The Golden Gun' Action Charming Exciting
'The Spy Who Loved Me' Suspense Exciting Outrageous
'Moonraker' Action Outrageous Exciting
'For Your Eyes Only' Adventure Harrowing Stunning
'Octopussy' Suspense Sensual Sophisticated
'A View To A Kill' Understated Strange Exciting
'The Living Daylights' Suspense Harrowing Sophisticated
'Licence To Kill' Suspense Intense Ominous
'GoldenEye' Action Serious Exciting
'Tomorrow Never Dies' Suspense Exciting Thrilling
'The World Is Not Enough' Adventure Exciting Tense
'Die Another Day' Compelling Understated Thoughtful
'Casino Royale' Adventure Cerebral Gritty
'Quantum of Solace' International Exciting Frightening
'Skyfall' Action Sophisticated Thoughtful
'SPECTRE' Adventure Sensual Sophisticated
'No Time To Die' Suspense Ambitious Exciting

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