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October Report

15th October 2017

Confirmed Bond 25 crew news plus the latest on the director rumours

MI6 logo By MI6 Staff
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Since Daniel Craig confirmed his return for a fifth James Bond adventure, all eyes have been on who EON Productions will sign to direct Bond 25 seeing that Sam Mendes will not be returning from 'Skyfall' and 'SPECTRE'.

Some weeks ago, the trade press named Denis Villeneuve, Yann Demange, and David Mackenzie as favourites to take the job. Demange was said to have really surprised producers, but Villeneuve was the 'tough get.' With Villeneuve coming off a critical success with 'Blade Runner 2049' (despite the US box-office not being set alight), he was the clear choice of fans and critics alike. When promoting his new film, he shifted tone pretty quickly from confirming talks had taken place to 'not being able to talk about Bond' when media started covering his potential to helm a 007 adventure. 

Meanwhile, Barbara Broccoli was launching her new non-Bond film 'Film Stars Don't Die In Liverpool' and was asked the inevitable question about who would direct Bond 25. 'We're not there yet,' she said at the premiere of the film when asked if a decision had been made. Villeneuve's sudden clamming up on the subject may indicate that this is still a work in progress. Daniel Craig is said to prefer him for the job.

Scottish director Paul McGuigan, who helmed Broccoli's latest film, was also at one point in the frame for the Bond 25 gig, but he ruled himself out on the same night indicating that EON may have already chosen their man (or woman) for the job.

Bond rumours rarely die, and Christopher Nolan's links to a possible Bond film keep on coming back. This weekend a Hollywood blog once again named the 'Inception' helmer as the leading candidate, although this is contrary previous comments Nolan himself has made about any possible timeline to work with the franchise.

In news that can be confirmed, production designer Dennis Gassner, who has been with the Bond franchise since 'Quantum of Solace', let slip to ICG Magazine that he will be working on Bond 25. "With franchises," Gassner told the magazine, "you have to honor the established elements while meeting audience expectations. I’m about to do my fourth James Bond film, and acknowledging the efforts of Ken Adam and others is a big part."

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