The unstoppable juggernaut that is the Aishwarya Rai Bond 21 story continues to roll with an amazing admission by the Bollywood star - talks are in progress...

Aishwarya Rai Reveals Discussions
23rd January 2004 / 13th February 2004

Despite both Eon Productions and her own agent denying links between Aishwarya Rai and Bond 21, the Bollywood star has gone on the record in a Times of India interview that discussions with her and the project are in progress.

Although she could not give any details or specifics, her admission that discussions are ongoing reveals a different story to that of the agency denials:

"Once we're past the discussion stage and something is finalized, I may be able to shed some light.

"But let me say here again that with nothing on the anvil as yet, I cannot comment.

Right now, 'my lips are bonded', oops sealed! Ha ha ha!"

Right: Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai


UPDATE: February 13th 2004

Speaking to the Hindustan Times, Rai confirmed that she has been approached and she will be considered for a part in Bond 21 if there is an `Asian character`...

"I did meet the people who wanted to cast me in the Bond film, so I put them to my agents. They told me that if they used an Asian character they would come to me. They were scripting the role at the time. Since then, I have not been contacted."

The story of Aishwarya Rai and Bond 21 has been a roller coaster of press rumours, mysterious agencies, official statements and denials.


Although discussions to star in the next Bond film are now evidently taking place, her agent cleared up a few rumours earlier this month.

Back in 2003, journalists keen to continue the press rumours concocted a scenario whereby Rai apparently met Brosnan at at party and was offered the nod on a role.

Her US-based agents were more than happy to clear up this falsehood earlier this month, along with speculation of a body double being needed for the sex scenes she would not shoot for moral reasons.

The Rai story started on 4th April 2003 when her personal secretary, Hari Singh, told AFP that she was starting talks to be the Bond girl in the 21st installment of the series. Press and media wires turned white hot with the prospect of Bollywood's hottest property getting involved with Bond, and in the maelstrom other actresses were linked to the project

Bond 21, due for release in November 2005, has no script - although a treatment by Neal Purvis & Robert Wade ("The World Is Not Enough", "Die Another Day") has been drafted. Filming is expected to start in January 2005 until July 2005 at Pinewood Studios and around the world.

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