More details on the production status of "Casino Royale" have been revealed by director Martin Campbell , including further insight into the James Bond casting situation...

Casino Royale - Campbell Reveals More
5th October 2005

More details on "Casino Royale" production have spilled from director Michael Campbell's recent "Legend of Zorro" press conference in Paris earlier this week. Yesterday, Campbell revealed details on the casting situation. Today, Swedish site Vlt has on more tidbits from Campbell on the state of the 21st James Bond film.

Casting Bond
Campbell went on record that they are looking for a younger actor to play a younger James Bond. This possibly rules out Barbara Broccoli's personal choice Daniel Craig from the final four in the running, leaving Henry Cavill, Sam Worthington and Goran Visnjic. MI6 reported exclusively back in March that Visnjic was Campbell's favourite for the role before screen testing had begun.

On the subject of an "unknown" taking the role, Campbell explained that getting a well known actor with an established career to sign up for three films in a row is next to impossible. Campbell's comments were likely to be a nod to Clive Owen, who turned down a three picture offer to become the sixth 007 reportedly due to the contractual obligations.

Other rumours were debunked by Campbell, including internet speculation over a possible Bond girl role for Sienna Miller.

Above: Goran Visnjic is director Martin Campbell's favourite for the role of James Bond.

Plot & MI6 Staff
As for the plot of the movie, Campbell revealed that the film will be based closely on Ian Fleming's novel, especially the second half of the plot which will be kept almost intact. Backing up his earlier rebuttal of screenwriter Paul Haggis' "no gadgets" comments, Campbell said the film will be a blend of the down to earth nature of the book as well as the usual cinematic extravaganza - including gadgets.

The only casting confirmed by Campbell was that Dame Judi Dench would be returning as M, and John Cleese as Q - despite rumours of a possible omission of his character from an early draft. Samantha Bond is sticking to her word and will not be returning when Pierce Brosnan is officially replaced.

Production will shoot studio scenes in Prague, and location work will take place in the Bahamas as exclusively revealed by MI6 last month. Campbell also added that some filming will still take place in Pinewood on the 007 stage to keep up tradition.

Stop The Press!
MI6 has gleaned additional information... Campbell has hinted that the first section of the movie revolves around a girl Bond falls in love with. This character has yet to be cast. Also, due to the casting delays, principal photography may be set back until February 1st 2006.

"Casino Royale", the 21st James Bond film, will be directed by Martin Campbell and shooting is scheduled to commence on January 17th 2006 for release on October 19th 2006. No casting decisions have been made officially. Stay tuned to MI6 for the latest and most accurate coverage of Casino Royale.

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