Heineken have launched their new "Skyfall" tie-in television commercial starring Daniel Craig and Bérénice Marlohe...

Heineken TV Commercial

20th September 2012

Heineken today launched their new TV commercial starring Daniel Craig and Bérénice Marlohe from the upcoming James Bond film "Skyfall" - it is the first time Craig has appeared in a Heineken Bond commercial, which has partnered with the franchise since "Tomorrow Never Dies". The company also kicked off its interactive experience that begins exactly where the TV advert leaves off, with viewers invited onto a train by the smouldering Bérénice before it embarks on a voyage through a spectacular vista of snowy mountains. Putting viewers through their paces, a series of gruelling tests will lead them to ‘Crack the Case’ whilst protecting its contents from ferocious Bond villains.

The ‘Crack the Case’ campaign was created by advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam. The campaign TV ad, full details of which will only be revealed in time for September 20th launch, was directed by award winning Dutch filmmaker Matthijs Van Heijningen Jnr. The new 'Heineken Legend' is French actor, dancer and model Chris de Almeida.

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