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Brutal Bond - Killing Sanchez

6th January 2013

MI6 looks at the moments in the series when James Bond is at his most hardcore

MI6 logo By MI6 Staff
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Over the next few months, MI6 will explore the scenes where James Bond is at his most cold-blooded and hardcore across all 23 adventures to date. Voting will then open to find 007's most brutal moment in the series.

Timothy Dalton's second and final outing as 007 in the 1989 film "Licence To Kill" is well known for its gritty realism and gory violence compared to the films that had gone before it. In fact, many now see Dalton's tenure as ahead of its time, and a precursor to the Daniel Craig era.

Having lost his licence to kill after resigning from MI6, Bond manipulates drug baron Franz Sanchez in to adopting him to his inner circle and then spreads distrust throughout the camp, leading Sanchez to eliminating his own allies one by one. When his cover is blown, and only Sanchez is left, it's up to Bond to knock out the head of the organization himself and get revenge for the brutal attack on his friend Felix Leiter and the murder of his wife Della.

After blowing up Sanchez's base of operations, and a high octane chase that destroy most of the cocaine cargo, there is only one tanker truck left when Sanchez and Bond both come around having plummeted off a mountain pass. As Sanchez raises his machete to put an end to Bond, he still doesn't understand what has motivated the British agent to destroy his drugs empire. With a flash of the engraved zippo lighter than Felix gave him at the wedding reception, Bond sets light to the gasoline soaked Sanchez.

Sanchez: "You could have had everything."
Bond: "Don't you want to know why?"

Voting will open later this year. In the mean time, click here to discuss this classic scene.

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