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MI6 Confidential Issue #63

15th December 2021

Around the world with the release and reception of No Time To Die

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Issue #63 of the full-colour James Bond magazine MI6 Confidential is now shipping worldwide.

MI6 Confidential Issue #44

In just the few short weeks it’s been since the last issue of MI6 Confidential went to print right before the royal world premiere of No Time To Die, the film has been released around the world and has already hit VOD streaming services. By the time you are reading this, you could well be in possession of the Bluray or DVD, too!

MI6 Confidential Issue #44

For a film that took so long in pre-production, suffered setbacks during filming, and then went through a release-date wringer due to COVID, it has been amazing how quickly it has matured from being an unknown to sitting on the shelf with all the others.

MI6 Confidential Issue #44

Covering the release of No Time To Die is also a neat way to wrap up this year and volume 15 of the magazine. But there is plenty more to look forward to – two new books out in 2022, a videogame in development, and the small matter of the 60th anniversary. James Bond is dead. Long live James Bond!

MI6 Confidential Issue #44

In This Issue

  • World Premiere report from the red carpet
  • Lock, Stock and Two Other Gunbarrels uncovering the history of this iconic moment
  • I'm the Money tracking the No Time To Die global box office
  • An Early Look a glimpse at pre-visualization work for No Time To Die
  • Motion Slickness Bond in Motion opens in Los Angeles
  • Red Notice how to film an action adventure during COVID

Issue #63 is now shipping around the world. To order online, visit www.mi6confidential.com

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This is the fifth and final issue of the 2021 season of MI6 Confidential. Subscribe today and receive Issue #63 and the other four magazines released this year.

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