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CGI Underwear

6th July 2020

When ABC television digitally altered Plenty O'Toole in Diamonds Are Forever

MI6 logo By MI6 Staff
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When it came to showing 'Diamonds Are Forever' in their weekly 'Bond Picture Show' back on March 2nd, 2002, the ABC television network in the United States felt that Plenty O'Toole's costume, or lack thereof, was problematic for their audience. This despite the same network broadcasting the Victoria's Secret 'fashion show' to 12.4 million viewers.

Months before a CGI bullet, CGI tsunami, and CGI James Bond would hit the big screen in 'Die Another Day' that year, ABC digitally painted Plenty O'Toole's panties to black and added a bra she was not wearing in the scene where Blofeld's mobsters throw her out of 007's hotel window. 

What is particularly strange about ABC's prudish choice was that the film was classified as PG and suitable for broadcast with no changes. ABC had already embraced nudity in primetime back in 1994 with controversial episodes of NYPD Blue.

The New York Daily News reported on the digital cover-up as "bizarre", whilst the New York Post again pointed to the fact that the network had no problem showing scantily clad Victoria's Secrets models. A spokeswoman for the broadcaster in 2002 said: "We've done it all the time, particularly with Bond movies. It's certainly not the first time," she said.

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