The Austrian town of Bregenz is opening a James Bond exhibition this month to celebrate its involvement in filming "Quantum of Solace"...

Bregenz Opens 007 Exhibit
14th March 2009

The Vorarlberg town in Austria where key scenes of the 22nd James Bond movie "Quantum of Solace" were shot is to have its own 007 exhibition. Bregenz officials have created a permanent exhibit at the town’s Festspielhaus that opens on 20th March 2009. Entry will be free of charge.

The museum will have props from the location where "Quantum of Solace" was shot last summer as well as pictures and fact sheets to provide an intense "behind the scenes" insight. Other museum sections look back at the public viewing area for the European Football Championships in the town as well as the stage for the opera "Tosca" by Giacomo Puccini that was the setting for seven minutes of Bond footage.

Above: Daniel Craig and director Marc Forster on the the impressive Tosca set back in May 2008.

Vital scenes of the movie - in which the 007, played by Daniel Craig, discovers the identities of Quantum members - were shot at the impressive opera stage on the shore of Lake Constance during a performance of Tosca. A 250-strong team was on location for nine days of work last May, and involved 1,500 extras in formal evening dress.

Last year, MI6 reported that Franz Salzmann, Commercial Director of the Bregenz Festival, said that Bond bringing people to the opera for the first time was "a good sign". Salzmann added that if the production leave behind some props and costumes, a Bond exhibit may be set up at Festival House for future tourists.

Above: The town of Bregenz celebrated the arrival of Bond with a 007-themed street festival, including a collection of Aston Martin cars, a casino, and stunt men abseiling down buildings.

Executive Producer Callum McDougall said that working in Bregenz was "great fun" and the collaboration between the production and the Festival organizers worked perfectly, also noting the tremendous support they had received throughout Austria. When asked if Bond might head back to the country in a future film, McDougall enthusiastically said "no doubt", and that Vienna has a "whiff of death" about it - perfect for a 007 adventure.

Above: The nearby city of Feldkirch was in the full swing of Bond Fever during filming of scene where Bond arrives at the opera in a Volvo.