Fresh rumours surface of an updated edition of "GoldenEye" coming this November on Nintendo Wii and DS from Activision...

GoldenEye Wii Rumours Resurface

4th June 2010

Fresh news has surfaced about the long-rumoured update to the bestselling 1997 James Bond videogame "GoldenEye 007". According to reports, it will be released on the Nintendo Wii and DS in November this year by Activision.

Starting the ball rolling again this week, GoNintendo published a survey allegedly distributed by Activision to ask gamers what they think about an updated version. It included the following text (below) and two mock-up box artwork images showing a re-imagined Daniel Craig-based 007 character instead of Pierce Brosnan.

"GoldenEye for Nintendo 64 was a game that defined a genre. Now, after 13 years of gaming innovation, the legend is re-imagined. Developed from the ground up for the Wii, GoldenEye takes advantage of the latest technology to deliver the same intense experience with today's graphics and physics. Play a modernized version of the classic story with the new Bond (Daniel Craig), more lethal and cunning than ever as you take on missions around the world. Relive all the legendary moments from the original fame; St Petersburg, the Caribbean and numerous other levels. Leverage the classic arsenal of weapons and gadgets as you fight Onatopp, Trevelyan and their adversaries, from the classic PP7 to the high tech assault rifle, sniper files and even the tank. The enhanced multiplayer experience offers 4 player split-screen like the original and introduces 8 player online matches. GoldenEye is 13 years better, are you?"

Above: Alleged cover art mock-ups included in the survey email.

Today, industry wires are red hot with the 'insider news' that the game is due to be unveiled at E3 on June 15th and was developed between UK-based Eurocom and US-based n-Space. Eurocom are no strangers to the James Bond franchise, having worked on several titles when the rights were held by EA, including "The World Is Not Enough" and "NightFire".

Late last year, an animator's resume stated he had worked on the "GoldenEye" update for Eurocom. After his name hit the blogs, he pulled his website offline.

Above: Further images show a placeholder cover on screen and a Wii controller.

Back in April, Activision registered the domain ''. Following the wide publicity in the gaming press, the details of the registration have since been anonymized

The original "GoldenEye 007" shipped on the Nintendo 64 platform in 1997 and sold over 8 million units - as is still best selling 007 licenced game of all time.

Activision also have a racing-centric 007 videogame in the works by Bizarre Creations. Titled "James Bond: Bloodstone", it is also expected to be revealed at E3 and shipping on Xbox 360 and PS3 later this year.

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