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George Lazenby Interview

30th June 2013

MI6 grabbed a few minutes with one-time 007 actor George Lazenby at Piz Gloria to chat about his short tenure as James Bond

MI6 logo By MI6 Staff
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Australian actor George Lazenby, who played James Bond just once in the 1969 adventure "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", was the guest of honour this week at the opening ceremony of Bond World 007 in Schilthorn, where the film was shot on location. MI6 got to catch up with the former-007 during the festivities at Piz Gloria.

"The producers thought such a good liar must also be a good actor, that’s how I got the role."

How is it after all these years to be back at the location where "On Her Majesty’s Secret Service" was filmed?
I am very impressed. Everything is right.

What are your fondest memories of the time here?
Well, I am a very heterosexual being and therefore I remember all the beautiful women around me at the time. I must admit I didn’t notice the beauty of the nature and mountains surrounding me for the first three days. I spent six months up in Mürren during the filming and I never complained. Not sure whether I will get lucky this time, but we will see.

According to John Glen you insisted in hitting the slopes on skis. How much skiing have you done?
I was skiing until I was 41 and then I took up motocross. And I did motocross until I was 57. I have taken my little children skiing and I’d be down the nursery slope with them. I’m not Willy Bogner or Luggi Leitner. When you see those guys ski, I can’t ski.

Speaking of children, how many do you have now?
(Laughs.) If only I knew.... At least six that I know of...

When was the first moment when you regretted passing up future Bond films?
When I was broke. (Laughs.) I had a psychic tell me: If you would have stayed Bond you’d have three wives in Beverly Hills and you’d probably be a drug addict. And as it was, I have two wives in Beverly Hills and I do drink alcohol occasionally. So, I am better off not being Bond.

Do you keep in touch with other Bonds?
We run into each other from time to time, like on the 40th anniversary [at the "Die Another Day" royal world premiere in London in 2002]. This time we didn’t get together. I think the other guys are getting on a bit, Roger and Sean. I’m starting to look better than them.


What did the Queen say to you about you playing 007?
She said, where did you get that funny accent from? Although my mother had a say in it. When I first went to England she said: Don’t go to England. I said: Why not? She said: That’s where all the convicts came from.

Many thanks to Nora Devenish for the interview, and Valérie Burnier for coordinating. All photos this page courtesy Geri Krischker (www.gkrischker.com) and Andrea Gehrig (www.photo-design-studioline.de).

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