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Die Another Day Expanded Soundtrack

24th November 2017

La La Land Records have teamed up with David Arnold to release an expanded score from the 2002 film

MI6 logo By MI6 Staff
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La-La Land Records, Warner Bros. Records, EON Productions and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer proudly present the remastered and expanded CD re-issue release of the original motion picture score to the 2002 feature film 'Die Another Day', starring Pierce Brosnan as Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007.

Acclaimed composer David Arnold ('Quantum of Solace', 'Casino Royale', 'The World Is Not Enough', 'Tomorrow Never Dies') unleashes a powerhouse of a score -- his third in the legendary James Bond canon. It’s a thrilling musical journey -- keeping one foot in the time-honored romance and swagger of classic Bond, and one in the age of cutting-edge electronics.

Die Another Day expanded soundtrack score David Arnold

Remastered and expanded, with over an hour of never-before-released music, this 2-CD deluxe presentation showcases Arnold’s score in a revelatory fashion that’s sure to leave listeners shaken and stirred in the best possible way! Produced by David Arnold and Neil S. Bulk, and mastered by Doug Schwartz, from new transfers of analog stereo tapes provided by the composer, this special release is limited to 5000 units and features exclusive, in-depth liner notes by writer Tim Greiving, including new comments from the composer. Dan Goldwasser’s sleek art design wraps up this must-have release in classic fashion.

This limited edition 2-CD set retails at $29.98 and is exclusively available at www.lalalandrecords.com and other online soundtrack boutiques from November 28th, 2017 at noon PST.

Die Another Day expanded soundtrack score David Arnold

Disc 1 (Score Presentation)
1. On the Beach (extended version)**† 3:56
2. Bond Meets Moon* / Hovercrafts* 2:16
3. How Do You Intend to Kill Me Now, Mr. Bond?* 2:02
4. Hovercraft Chase† 3:48
5. Bond to Jail* :49
6. Some Kind of Hero? 4:32
7. Kiss of Life*† 4:46
8. Peaceful Fountains of Desire* 1:05
9. What’s In It For You?* / Cuba* 1:21
10. Cuban Car*† :50
11. Jinx Jordan 1:28
12. Jinx & James 2:03
13. Wheelchair Access*† 2:22
14. Jinx, James and Genes* 5:14
15. Gustav Graves’ Grand Entrance*† 1:34
16. Blades*† 3:12
17. Bond Gets the Key* / Virtual Reality*† 2:01
18. The Vanish* / Bond Goes to Iceland*† 2:10
19. The Explanation* 1:36
20. Icarus 1:23
21. Ice Spy*† 3:00
22. A Touch of Frost 1:50
23. Laser Fight 4:36
24. It Belongs to His Boss* / Double Agent* 2:34
25. Whiteout† 4:55
26. Bond Kidnaps Skidoo*† 2:29
27. Iced Inc.† 3:08
28. Ice Palace Car Chase*† 4:57
Total disc 1 time = 76:47

Disc 2 (Score Presentation Continued)
1. Switchblades*† 3:23
2. Antonov 11:51
3. Antonov Gets It*† 3:20
4. Moneypenny Gets It* 1:11
5. Going Down Together 1:32
Total score time = 98:04

Additional Music
6. On the Beach† 2:50
7. Hovercraft Chase (film version)**† 3:47
8. Some Kind of Hero? (film version)** 4:32
9. Peaceful Fountains of Desire (alternate ending)* 1:06
10. What’s In It For You? (orchestra only)* :41
11. Welcome to Cuba 2:07
12. Jinx Jordan (orchestra only)** 1:28
13. Jinx & James (film version)** 2:07
14. Wheelchair Access (original version)*† 2:22
15. Party Trick (source)* 1:37
16. A Touch of Frost (film version)** 1:50
17. Laser Fight (film version)** 4:38
18. Whiteout (full mix)**† 4:55
19. Antonov (film version)** 11:51
20. James Bond Will Return*† 3:54
Total additional music = 49:45
Total disc 2 time = 71:43
Total album running time = 148:30

* Previously unreleased
** Contains previously unreleased material
† Contains “James Bond Theme” written by Monty Norman

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