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No Happy Ending

15th June 2022

Lea Seydoux and Naomie Harris on learning of Bond's fate

MI6 logo By MI6 Staff
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Daniel Craig knew all along how 'No Time To Die' would end as it was his stipulation that James Bond was to be killed off, but his fellow cast members were surprised to learn of it in pre-production.

Lea Seydoux is promoting her new film 'Crimes of the Future' and was asked by Den of Geek what she thought of 007's demise when she first found out. “I still can’t really believe that that’s what they decided, that he’s gone,” she said.  “I remember that when I read the script, I knew it and I had to keep the secret.”

“It made me sad, actually, it made me really sad,” Seydoux says when asked for her reaction to seeing Bond’s death play out on the page. “But I hope they will find a new way to—you know they will find something else.”

Naomie Harris revealed to the Radio Times this week that she initially wondered if she'd been sent a screenplay with a fake ending. She explained: "Because there's so much secrecy around all of the Bond movies, I thought, 'Is this a joke? Am I being sent, like, the wrong ending, and then they're gonna send me a new one?'. I really thought that, because I just thought... this doesn't happen. Bond doesn't die. It's sacred that Bond should never die."

Once she'd come to terms with the tragic twist, however, Harris said she considered it a "fitting end" for Craig's version of the character. "He's just done such an amazing job with this character. It's really quite extraordinary. So it was really, really sad and really emotional. But it also felt like a fitting end as well."

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