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Nomi Teases

29th August 2021

Lashana Lynch previews her character in No Time To Die

MI6 logo By MI6 Staff
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Actress Lashana Lynch's character Nomi is the latest addition to MI6's ranks of Double-O agents. In the upcoming 'No Time To Die', Nomi is M's go-to agent as James Bond has retired. Lynch spoke to the LA Times this week about her role.

"Nomi is a fine example of your modern-day woman who doesn’t take anything lying down and who gives everyone and anyone a run for their money," Lynch said by phone from London. "Mentally, physically, energetically, and spiritually, she has everything covered so that whatever questions you had about women and this franchise are shot down completely."

Show spoilers

The interview confirms long-standing rumours that Nomi is assigned 007 as James Bond has been in retirement (for three years at the time of her promotion, five years total when we get to see them meet).

Lynch is the fifth black actress to star in the series, and she was very positive about the women who came before her, such as Gloria Hendry, Grace Jones, Halley Berry, and Naomie Harris. "They were fantastic," said Lynch of her predecessors. "When Halle Berry was in it, when Naomie was in it — who’s now a friend so I appreciate her even more — it just meant that I could relate to this very quintessentially English franchise and actually relate it to my life. I didn’t need to be a fighter or know how to handle a gun or anything like that to be able to relate to these women. They just felt like members of my family onscreen. We [Black women] know how it feels to be mis- and under-represented and we know how it feels to yearn for someone, anyone in the world to speak our truth for us when we feel like we don’t have a voice. And I’m hoping that my career and my choice in roles and me just being me, authentically, is shining a light on our power."

Back in 2019 when her casting was announced, Lynch took a lot of heat online from trolls and racists. “I don’t have anything to say to the trolls apart from it’s none of my business what you think, you have the freedom to live in your truth just like I have the freedom to live in mine,” she told the paper.

What can audiences expect from 'No Time To Die'? "It feels very much like a few genres in one," she said. "It’s kind of a feast for new cinema-goers who love classic cinema but love a throw forward so you’re keeping it fresh whilst respecting the classics. You’re given the drama, the romance, the action. ... You have the explosions, the intimate moments, the tension. I know that every Bond film has given loads of that in different ways, but I feel like this one is really special in the way that they cultivated and carved out an area of its own. I think it’s probably going to be one of the best Bond movies, and I’m not just saying that because I’m in it," she said.

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