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Your Deal, Mr. Bond

24th February 2021

Paramount and MGM's Epix have teamed up with ramifications for No Time To Die

MI6 logo By MI6 Staff
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In a slew of announcements ahead of the launch of the new streaming service Paramount+ (which is a rebranding of the flop CBS All Access), the studio dropped a big Bond bombshell.

Paramount will move their new releases onto Paramount+ after 45 days, slashing the usual 90-day theatrical exclusivity window in half. This means new films, including the upcoming 'Mission: Impossible 7,' will be available to stream just 45 days after opening in cinemas.

Paramount has expanded its strategic relationship with MGM-owned Epix on a number of content agreements. Note: Back in 2017, MGM took control of Epix after spending $1b on buying back shares owned by Lionsgate and Paramount. 

Paramount+ will get access to the large swathe of movies currently licenced to Epix, including the James Bond catalog, dramatically boosting the library available to subscribers. They will also release some of their new films on both Epix and Paramount+ at the same time.

In return, MGM will host their new films on their pay-TV platform and then make them available on both Epix and the Paramount+ streaming platform after 90 days. This means that 'No Time To Die', following its initial theatrical release, will be available on Epix's pay-TV service and will then head to both Epix and Paramount+. 

Paramount+ will cost $5 (with ads) or $10 (no ads) per month. Epix currently costs $5.99 per month.

All of this is subject to MGM not being successful in finding a buyer. If they manage to close an acquisition deal before October, all of these plans could be torn up for 'No Time To Die''s home media release.

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