Anniversary Special

7th July 2012

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the tenth James Bond film, MI6 launched a special season of coverage

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Originally published in 2007, take a look back at the special season of MI6 features celebrating the tenth James Bond film as it marks its 35th anniversary in 2012...

The Spy Who Loved Me
Anniversary Special

07/07/77 marked a special day in the James Bond calendar as 007's tenth outing hit the silver screen.

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the "The Spy Who Loved Me", MI6 launches a special season of coverage to celebrate the film that proved to the world that "nobody does it better!"

Over the coming days, MI6 will publish articles, interviews and features dedicated to Roger Moore's favourite outing as 007.

As a special treat, "Nobody Does It Better!" will feature personal memories, reflections and opinions from cast and crew members, authors and renowned 007 aficionados.

Stay tuned as we revisit The Spy Who Loved Me, uncover some hidden treasures, and publish exclusive interviews from the cast & crew...


Special Features
  Premiere & Press
MI6 looks back at the world premiere of The Spy Who Loved Me in 1977, and what the press had to say

The Spy Who Loved Me - Movie Coverage
Brush up on your Bond knowledge with a complete dossier on 007's tenth outing

  The Making Of The Spy Who Loved Me
MI6 goes behind the scenes and charts the three year production process that delivered the tenth James Bond film
  Karl Stromberg
"Observe, Mr. Bond, the instruments of Armageddon!" MI6 analyses the villain with a fish fetish, Karl Stromberg, played by Curt Jurgens in The Spy Who Loved Me

  Win The Spy Who Loved Me Photosets
Lucky MI6 readers can win "The Spy Who Loved Me" photosets thanks to Movie Market
  Barbara Bach
MI6 takes an indepth look at Barbara Bach's character Anya Amasova - Agent XXX - in the 1977 film "The Spy Who Loved Me"

  Nobody Does It Better!
Cast and crew members, authors and Bond aficionados explain why Nobody Does It Better on the 30th anniversary of The Spy Who Loved Me
  The Spy Who Loved Me Trivia
MI6 delves in to the rich production history of The Spy Who Loved Me to uncover some of the lesser known facts and trivia

  The Sound Of The Spy Who Loved Me
MI6 uncovers the inspiration behind the soundtrack, from disco to Mozart, and the genesis of Nobody Does It Better
  Jottings From The Screening Room
30 years on, how do notes taken from advanced press screenings of The Spy Who Loved Me stack up against modern reviews?

  Bond Beneath The Waves
MI6 caught up with world renowned underwater film-maker Gavin McKinney to talk about shooting James Bond beneath the waves...

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