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Dalton on Wogan

30th July 2014

Timothy Dalton appeared on the 'Wogan' chat show on BBC television to promote the new film 'Licence To Kill' in the summer of 1989

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To promote the release of the new James Bond film ''Licence To Kill' to UK audiences in the summer of 1989, a nervous Timothy Dalton was the main guest on the top-rated chat show 'Wogan' on BBC1 in prime time. Earlier in the show, Wogan had talked to cast members Robert Davi and Talisa Soto as well as producer Cubby Broccoli.

When asked what made him accept the role after being approached previously, Dalton said that he told Cubby: "If I were to do it, I'd love to take the movies back to being action adventure thrillers for adults." He also mentions that Cubby's wife Dana had recently found some of Ian Fleming's unpublished notes and described the character of James Bond as: "A blunt instrument of government, as a man who is dangerous, ruthless, morbid, relentless, tenacious... A man who would sometimes - although determined to get on with his job - sometimes if he saw a woman in danger he would rescue her... And then again, sometimes he wouldn't."

"Half the world loves Roger Moore and half the world loves Sean Connery. You know that whatever you do, you might end up with everyone in the world hating you." - Timothy Dalton

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