You Know The Rest

12th February 2017

20 years ago, a James Bond teaser was released on the internet for the first time

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Bond fans got their first look at Pierce Brosnan's second outing as 007 in the summer of 1997 when the 'Tomorrow Never Dies' teaser trailer hit cinemas. It was also released as a blocky low-resolution Quicktime movie on the official website and marked the first time a James Bond trailer had been released online. 

Tomorrow Never Dies Teaser Trailer

The 'Tomorrow Never Dies' teaser features a couple of interesting points. Brosnan once again directly addresses the camera with a cheeky line, as he did with the 'GoldenEye' teaser ("You were expecting someone else?"). This time the hook is "Bond... You know the rest."

The trailer is also notable for the first onscreen appearance of the Walther P99. Production on the film was still underway when this teaser was released, which is why a lot of the action comes from the pre-titles sequence which had been completed early on in the schedule. 

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