Number One - GoldenEye: Rogue Agent (2004)

Movie Briefing
Character: Number One
Movie: Various
Actor: Various

Game Briefing
Allied To: Himself
Key Mission: Volcano Lair
Voiced By: Gideon Emery

“The firing power inside my crater is enough to annihilate a small army. You can watch it all on TV. It's the last program you're likely to see.”

The head of a vast criminal empire is the only Bond nemesis to appear in several 007 films. He was initially portrayed merely as an immensely evil, shadowed figure cradling his signature white cat before finally confronting Bond face to face in the 1967 film, You Only Live Twice.

Number One is a mysterious and cunning villain, yielding great power. He sees promise in Goldfinger's protégé, but his plans for GoldenEye remain unclear.