Timeline - Quantum of Solace


2nd September 2006 - James Bond's 22nd adventure confirmed for release in November 2008. Previous reports had stated a May 2008 release.

27th October 2006 - Producers confirm the upcoming film would be the first direct continuation of a James Bond story in the franchise's 44 year history.

6th June 2007 - The newest Bond production was confirmed to be returning to its spiritual home of Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, UK.

19th June 2007 - Marc Forster is announced as the helmsman of the yet untitled "Bond 22".

16th August 2007 - a skeleton crew for the new Bond picture roll cameras on the bi-annual Palio di Siena horse race.

9th October 2007 - David Arnold signs up to score his fifth 007 soundtrack.

5th December 2007 - Mathieu Amalric confirms to Empire magazine that he will star in the upcoming James Bond adventure.

3rd January 2000 - principal cast and crew gather at Pinewood Studios, Buckinghamshire, UK to commence filming.

7th January 2008 - cameras roll on Bond 22 - the crew shoot M's house on Pinewood's F Stage. Producers officially announce principal cast including Mathieu Amalric, Jeffery Wright and Giancarlo Giannini.

8th January 2008 - Amalric cans his first scene at Farnborough airfield, doubling for Bregenz Airport.

10th January 2008 - the crew moves to nearby Aldershot where they film scenes with Daniel Craig and Simon Kassianides playing Yusef.

15th January 2008 - back at Pinewood, Gemma Arterton gets thrown in the deep end shooting her first scene: Agent Fields' romantic rendezvous with 007.


15th January 2008 - Giannini joins the cast on the set of the "Andean Grand Hotel" to shoot a scene with Arterton and Craig.

20th January 2008 - Judi Dench shoots sequences in central London with the Foreign Sectary.

22nd January 2008 - the second unit stage a gigantic battle between Bond and Mitchell on the iconic 007 Stage at Pinewood.

24th January 2008 - the primary cast and crew appear for a photocall and press conference at Pinewood where Bond 22 is announced as "Quantum of Solace".

28th January 2008 - Dench and Craig capture early scenes for the film, including Mr. White's interrogation.

1st February 2008 - the 007 Stage is transformed into the impressive cisterns of Siena to stage Bond's pursuit of Mitchell.

4th February 2008 - Kurylenko and Craig film the impressive skydiving sequence at Bedford's Bodyflight centre.


7th February 2008 - the first unit arrive in South America and begin shooting on the streets of Panama with Craig and Arterton.

11th February 2008 - the The National Institute of Culture (INAC) Building is host to Bond, standing in for the Andean Grand Hotel.

25th February 2008 - the team arrive in Colon to shoot sequences set in Haiti, including Bond's first meeting with Camille and the motorbike chase.

7th March 2008 - the first unit shoot at King's Quay docks where the corrupt General Medrano meets with Greene.

9th March 2008 - Craig and Anatole Taubman shoot Bond's confrontation with Elvis.

11th March 2008 - the impressive bike-to-boat jump is committed to film.

24th March 2008 - a small unit shoot pickups with Daniel Craig on the move in Peru.

25th March 2008 - Forster and his crew relocate to Chile, followed by Craig a day later.

27th March 2008 - Craig, Kurylenko and Amalric shoot scenes at the Perla De Las Dunas, Greene's eco-centre.

28th March 2008 - Craig and Kurylenko can scenes at an airfield that will commence the extravagant DC7 aerial dogfight.

2nd April 2008 - Bond and Greene go head to head, with 007 disposing of the villain in the midst of the inhospitable desert.

4th April 2008 - the crew depart Chile for London having captured a number of scenes in the sweltering sands.

14th April 2008 - Daniel Craig shoots scene 177 of "Quantum of Solace", the closing sequence of the picture.

15th April 2008 - Craig and Kurylenko shoot sequences in the Bolivian sinkhole on the D6 Soundstage at Pinewood.

25th April 2008 - the production arrives in sunny Italy to shoot scenes at Mathis' villa.

29th April 2008 - the crew cross the border to Austria where they shoot Bond surveying Greene and Elvis.

1st May 2008 - the filmmakers arrive at the impressive Bregenz floating Tosca production.


6th May 2008 - the second unit takes over the opera house to film the chase sequence, climaxing in a death-defying fall.

11th May 2008 - Forster and Craig depart for Siena where Bond and Mitchell take to the streets and rooftops.

19th May 2008 - Kurylenko, Taubman and Amalric shoot sequences on the Pinewood back lot, doubling for the Perla De Las Dunas.

13 June 2008 - Marc forster wraps shooting on "Quantum of Solace". Having journeyed to five countries and shot for longer than any other Bond film.

30th June 2008 - Teaser trailer is released online via MSN and AOL.

18th July 2008 - Smirnoff confirms its James Bond tie-in campaign.

29th July 2008 - Sony Pictures announces the title song, "Another Way To Die", performed by pop-stars Jack White and Alicia Keys.


6th August 2008 - Sony Ericsson unveil James Bond's new mobile.

9th September 2008 - "Quantum of Solace" Theatrical trailer debuts in cinemas.

19th September 2008 - Omega reveals its 007-tie-in Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m Co-Axial sports watch.

16th October 2008 - Avon team up with 007 to launch a Bond-inspired fragrance for women.

28th October 2008 - David Arnold's fifth James Bond score goes on sale.

29th October 2008 - James Bond's 22nd adventure premieres at the Odeon, Leicester Square.

11th November 2008 - "Quantum" debuts in America, a whole 14 days after its Royal World Premiere in London.

23rd March 2008 - "Quantum of Solace" DVD and Blu-Ray editions are released in the UK.

24th March 2008 - The film hits the shelves in the US.