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007 Chronicles (11-01-02)

22nd September 2013

Pierce Brosnan gave an interview on the first day of shooting his fourth 007 film and imagined a very different outcome of what would ultimately become 'Die Another Day'

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On the first day of filming on "Die Another Day" on 11th January 2002, James Bond star Pierce Brosnan gave a press interview about his fourth outing as 007. How wrong could any individual be about what they thought a project would become and how it would ultimately turn out? Brosnan gives an unfortunate masterclass in just over ten minutes.

Speaking about a schedule that was packed with "wall to wall action", and the risk of the action overwhelming the movie, Brosnan said of the director: "Lee [Tamahori] is a good man for pulling this down and keeping it a reality based, character driven piece." Ten years later, Brosnan would laugh about the over the top elements of the film for the 50th anniversary documentary "Everything or Nothing: The Untold History of 007".

"Good script. It's got lots of strange ambiance of...
tonally it has a quality I haven't read before in a Bond movie"

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