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Screen Tests For Bond 20 Girls

12th January 2002

Ready for inspection 007... The Bond girl hopefuls are still squeezing in their appearances

MI6 logo By MI6 Staff
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Due to Pierce Brosnan having other commitments, EON have substituted 007 for the latest Bond girl screentests. Colin Salmon, who has played MI6 aide "Robinson" in the last two films ("Tomorrow Never Dies", "The World Is Not Enough") has stepped in to Bond's shoes to help out.

EON's usual routine for testing prospective Bond girls has fallen in to the usual pattern of a short mock-publicity photo shoot and a screentest love scene: Tatiana Romanova's seduction of Bond in his hotel room from the second film in the series "From Russia With Love".

"I really enjoyed the audition with Saffron Burrows," he says, "and Salma Hayek was great. Sophie Ellis Bextor came along too but I can't tell you any more it would be more than my job's worth."

Movie buffs may recall that Saffron Burrows and Salma Hayek both starred in the 2000 picture "Timecode" written and directed by Mike Figgis. London born Burrows, 27, then went on to co-star with Kate Winslet in "The World Is Not Enough" director Michael Apted's next movie, "Enigma".

Left: Saffron Burrows

35 year-old and Mexican born actress Salma Hayek is still looking for her first blockbuster role to move her up the Hollywood hot list, after the relative flops of her films such as "Wild Wild West" and "From Dusk Till Dawn".

Right: Salma Hayek

Sophie Ellis-Bextor on the other hand, has no acting credentials to date, and fans may be more likely to link her name to the title song performance, rather than the role of the leading lady.

Left: Sophie Ellis-Bextor

EON have scheduled a 40th Anniversary press conference for Friday January 11th at Pinewood Studios.

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