A special collectors James Bond edition of the famous board game Monopoly has been announced for release next month...

Monopoly James Bond Edition - Sneak Peak
27th June 2006

For years fans have yearned for a 007 edition of the world famous trading game, some even creating their own unofficial versions, but now USAOPOLY are making the first official James Bond edition of Monopoly. Licenced under Hasbro, USAOPOLY have created Monopoly spin-offs for many film and TV franchises, and 007 will be the latest addition to the range in July 2006.

It’s Bond. James Bond. The MONOPOLY: James Bond 007 Collector’s Edition is licenced to thrill as the world’s foremost super spy teams up with the world’s most popular board game. Players vie to own all 21 James Bond films, including The Spy Who Loved Me, The Living Daylights, Goldfinger and the latest release, Casino Royale. Fans can now celebrate every aspect of the Bond world – the villains, cars, gadgets, MI6 and of course, the Bond Women. The world is not enough as they attempt to bankrupt their opponents and OWN IT ALL.

Made by USAOPOLY under license from Hasbro Properties Group, this collector’s edition features six collectible pewter tokens, including Odd Job’s Bowler Hat, Rosa Klebb’s Shoe, Aston Martin DBS, 007 logo, the Acrostar plane and the Lotus submarine car. Fans everywhere can get ready to experience the adventure of a lifetime with the world’s greatest secret agent!

How does the JAMES BOND 007 COLLECTOR’S EDITION compare with the classic MONOPOLY game Americans have grown to love?

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